Going Above and Beyond: Implications of an Episode - G1 "Fight or Flee"

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    Hopefully there's at least a semi-serious discussion rather than bashing. Please start a discussion of another episode in another thread. It doesn't matter from which series (G1-ANI). If this thread dies, so be it.

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    My thoughts:
    It added to the history of Cybertron...besides the Cosmic Rust episode where we knew Autobots lived there, but there was nothing to see. In this episode, we see how primitive Autobots took a lifeless planet and made it into a peaceful and Energon rich planet.

    I said "primitive" because it looks like most of the population was "Actionmasters" or simple robots who did not upgrade to have a transformation, "consumer goods" as Five Faces of Darkness Part 4 would call them.

    So that makes 2 confirmed Autobot colonies created after X number of Autobots fled Cybertron when the Decepticons started making trouble.

    Should we add Junkion and Lithone as additional colonies? The population did not have Autobot insignias.

    I have no way to explain Junkion, perhaps a civic war that destroyed most of the planet and the survivors developed a new culture by watching TV?

    If we were to make a safe assumption that there's more Autobot colonies, how many other Decepticon colonies could there be? (or subjugated planets, if you prefer). You could use the G2 reference where a bunch of Decepticons left and formed "The Hub", and the episode Sea Change had Traal, where Deceptitran was in charge...but he was not a transformer, nor were his drones...hmmm...a primitive version of the diagnostic drone in Beast Machines?

    Thoughts? Debates? Opinions? Possible idea fodder for the next TF comic series from IDW?

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