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    Got a lot of Gobots that need parts.
    That I'd buy / Trade for

    My trade list is posted here:

    BOOMER - ball
    COMMAND CENTER - hoses, 1 floor, gate, red piece for the inside
    COPTUR (knockoff) – Gold Chrome Rotor Blades & Wheel
    CRANE BRAIN - crane
    DEFENDOR – Long tank barrel
    DESTROYER - tank treads, thin gun barrel
    FLIP TOP- rotor blades
    GEEPER CREEPER - windshield (right side)
    HERR FIEND - gun, driver
    JET TRANSPORTER - Airplane
    MR-35 Small Foot – black front grill & rear handlebars
    NIGHT FRIGHT - rotor blades
    POWER SUIT WARRIORS – Black Right hand, Pair of red Feet, Right Foot (gray)
    PSYCHO (robo machine) - gun
    Pumper - Ladder & pistol
    Robot Helicopter – red battery cover
    TORK - both Guns
    TRI-TRAK – both guns
    TWIN SPIN - 2 rotor blades
    WRONGWAY– rotor blades, 2 guns
    ZEEMON - gun

    MIght Also Buy / Trade for these guys:

    GOBOTS Wanted
    1. Blaster (orange)
    2. Bolt
    3. Bullseye
    4. Dozer
    5. Mach-3
    6. Man O War
    7. Mr.Moto
    8. Night Ranger (blue & red bootleg)
    9. Royal T
    10. Sparky
    11. Treads

    1. Bladez
    2. Block Head
    3. Buggyman (blue and/or orange)
    4. Bugsie (red or Purple)
    5. Crasher (black or white)
    6. Crasher (yellow or red bootleg)
    7. Cy-kill (black)
    8. Gunnyr (orange or Green)
    9. Loco (red)
    10. Sky Jack
    11. Slicks (blue bootleg)
    12. Stallion
    13. Stinger
    14. Spoiler (black bootleg)
    15. Hornet (gray)
    16. Tailpipe (red or black)

    Wendy’s Gobots – Beamer, Sky Flyer

    Dread Launchers
    1. Traitor

    1. Convertible Laser Gun
    2. Herr Fiend (Blue or Silver)
    3. Spay-C
    4. Spy eye
    5. Staks (blue or gray back)
    6. Super Couper
    7. Super Vamp
    8. Warpath
    9. Zeemon (red top)

    1. Twister
    2. White Twister (robo machine version)

    Machine Robos Wanted
    Battle Hackers- Mach Blaster, Rhino, Power Raiser, Mach Booster
    Best 5 Sets
    Blue Dumper
    Boeing 747 Robo
    Combat Buggy
    Highway robo
    J-5 Phantom
    Jet Garry
    Metal Joe #’s 1-5
    MR-12 Train
    MR-22 Bullet Train robo
    MR-26 blue & white Flytrap
    MR-27 Double Decker Bus robo
    MR-30 Three wheeled Buggy Robo
    MR-38 Mini Couper
    MR-42 Tail Pipe
    MR-45 Snoop
    MR-53 Apollo Robo
    Red & White Crane Brain
    Tough Trailer DX
    Triple Jim
    Wheelman – hot Rod Joe
    Yellow Geeper Creeper
    Land Commander 5 (blue power suit warrior nemesis)

    1. Hitch Hiker
    2. Quickstep

    Blue Super Offroader
    Boomers – Blast (renegade)
    Gobot Watch
    Gong enemy gobot watch
    Power Warrior Nemesis (black powersuit jet)
    Thruster (Base)

    Glasslite/ Mimo Brazil made Gobots
    Black & yellow Spoons
    Galian (Blue Hans cuff)
    Mega Man (Red Hans cuff)
    Rotron (blue wrongway)
    Sonik (Blue Leader-1)
    Sonik (Red Leader-1)
    Zardos Super Maquina (Black Turbo)

    Collector’s Case

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