Goal 3 rant (sorry)

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by Computron34, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Let me begin by saying I am sorry for this rant, but had to let of some steam.

    - Begin rant

    Don't know how many fans of soccer there are on here, but if you are, you owe it to yourself to see Goal and Goal 2. Both brilliant soccer movies that revolve around family, friends, struggles of getting everything you want, personal heartache, etc.

    DO NOT, however, watch Goal 3. Finally came out on DVD. Been waiting 1½ years for this so we (or I) can finally see what happens with Santiago and everything that he's been dealing with, and he friggin plays 3rd wheel to 2 wankers that have never been in any of the other movies. EVER.:confused: 

    No mention of Gavin, barely any of Roz (played by Anna Friel). I mean Goal 2 ends with them fighting, presumably breaking up, and her not telling him she is pregnant. Do you hear anything about that in this POS film? nope. :thumbdown He gets injured in a freakin weak car accident and is seen minutely for the rest of the film.:mad 

    Horrible green screen effects for some of the soccer scenes. Oh, and mentioning soccer, there is only about 15 minutes worth total, in the whole freakin movie. I mean jeeze.

    -End rant

    Sorry to go on like this, but I was really looking forward to this, and wow. Just wow.:cry 

    (yeah went a little smiley crazy :bay )
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    I keep forgetting to rent Goal 2...forgot that 3 is out now in US. Bummer about to hear about 3. I am a big fan of the first movie.

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