GiK B/S/T Wants: G1-Present & 3rd Party

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Dr. Grimlockisking, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Hey all, I usually just throw up a thread with one item at a time as it comes up, but figured I just as well do one main one and make it easier. I pay via paypal once a deal is struck, and have lots of feedback on here. I'm more than happy to help someone out on a trade if I can, but for the most part, prefer to buy figures outright if at all possible. I'm just going to list all lines that interest me, so I can change it as my whims change. I'm fairly well caught up for now, but that doesn't mean it won't change at a moment's notice.

    On pricing, if you don't like the parameters I've put for what I'm willing to pay, send me a PM, say "hey, I think you're off on this price" and I'm more than willing to haggle/deal. I'm just putting out my preferred price on items, not my absolute maximum if it's something I want. Trust me, just because I throw out a number doesn't mean I'm not willing to go up on it. I have a fairly good idea of what these items go for if I'm listing them and while I want to avoid eBay prices, I'd still rather see my money go to a fellow member than someone I don't know on there.

    If there's something you are looking for, let me know and I'll do my best to help you out (if I can). My area is notoriously slow/horrid on distribution, so we can usually find some of the older waves/lines around here shelf-warming, so don't be afraid to ask me to look if there's something you are REALLY wanting that's missing from an older line.

    Please keep in mind I am in the USA if you are considering PM'ing me within my parameters (for shipping quotes). Onto the list!

    This is my list according to priority as well:

    RED - Highest Priority to me
    Blue - Medium Priority to me
    Yellow - Lowest Priority to me

    Generation 1:
    Caught up currently

    Beast Wars:
    Caught up currently

    R.I.D. / Car Robots:
    Caught up currently


    TFTM 07:
    Scout Crosshairs - $8 shipped

    Caught up Currently

    Transformers Animated:
    [Caught up currently

    Caught up currently

    Botcon/Convention Exclusives:
    Botcon 2007 Dreadwind (make offers, very low priority)[/I][/COLOR]


    3rd Party (Fansproject/JustitToys/TFC/Headrobots/etc):

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