Giant TF Animated Bumblebee Plush

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    Sep 16, 2012
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    Hey guys, I'm new around these parts, but one of my best friends, Chelsea, is a long time poster with a big Beast Wars Megatron collection (I made 2 custom Megs plushies for her as gifts in the past, hahah)! I collect a little bit of Bumblebee on the side myself, but I no longer have room for the huge 'Bee I made a few years back.


    Here's the auction

    There's more info on the eBay page, but he was a major labor of love. He's been on display in my room for some time but now I have an incredible custom 'Bee by Rare-E-Magnets that I received from her as a gift for Christmas that's much tinier and easier to keep around! I'm hoping a fellow TF fan will give this guy a home where he'll be taken well care of. Thanks for looking!

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