Heavy/Scratch: GFX-07 Chi Iris (Shapeways)

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    GFX-07 Chi Iris

    Hi! I had some time today, and being the lazy person i am, i opted to design something rather than to do uni work. I wanted something relatively simple, so i picked what is probably the most useless tank i've seen yet. [​IMG]

    Chi Iris...what can i say? Normally i talk about the articulation, but this guy really doesn't have much. It's (his? her?) wheels spin independently, so it can spin on the spot, and...that's about it. Consider it cannon fodder, with a cannon.

    Obviously, i did go all out with the detail on this guy. It's got the screws to hold it together, the little details in the wheels' treads were painstakingly carved out (with a little bit of artistic license thrown in), and those cute little horns as well. But i didn't feel that was enough. So i threw in one last thing. The thruster effect. It's designed so it plugs into the underside of Chi Iris, to simulate when it's using it's boost to jump.

    Even though Chi Iris might look a bit simple, it's still actually made in 5 pieces. That's mainly to accommodate the rolling wheels. [​IMG] Oh, and the eye part is actually hollow, to make sure it's not too heavy.

    Chi Iris on Shapeways

    GFX-07 Chi Iris Build Video




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