"Getting to know a Transformer fan 4" Youtube series

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    So these are me and my grandfathers responses to KalelPrime's "Getting to know a Transformer fan 4 THE REBOOT" series..For those not familiar, Kalel asks 10 questions in his video to better get to know all the tranformer fans on youtube, and user make video responses answering the questions..

    I tried to make these as fun and entertaining as possible..In mine you get a look at my MASSIVE G1, Alternators, Masterpiece, Classics, Botcon and Bayformers collections

    Re: Getting to know a Transformers fan 4: Grim's Toy Show action figures - YouTube

    And in my grandfathers, well he is just nuts...but a good sense of humor
    warning: strong language lol

    Getting to know a Transformers fan 4, The Reboot: UNCENSORED SUPERPOP - YouTube

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