Getting money back via BigCrumbs for Ebay purchases???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by protostar8, Sep 27, 2008.

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    Okay. So I found this site about a year ago and have been keeping tabs on it b/c it sounded too good to be true. But apparently it looks to be legit (Like the UK site I use that pays me every time I search for anything via their search engine). I've been around for a long time, so I'm not trying to pull a fast one (I'll tell you right now that if you sign up and refer me I get a little bonus whenever you buy stuff), but I'm hoping it's acceptable to benefit while helping other people help themselves. I know these kinds of things are normally "iffy" or a "sensitive" subject at best, but maybe at least consider checking it out b/c I haven't seen any problems with it since I started monitoring it over a year ago and they've apparently been around since 2005.

    I don't know if this is the right forum to be posting this in, but I figured I'd make everyone aware b/c who doesn't like getting a little cash back from Ebay (and certain other store) purchases? Oh, not to mention the fact that tons of us here shop for stuff on Ebay and for some of the really expensive purchases, this could give a very nice little payback to people's pockets.

    The site is

    I linked my sign-up page (b/c if anyone signs up, I'd appreciate you referring me b/c if you don't refer anyone, it randomly chooses a user to get the benefits). Once you sign up, refer yourself (I still get a bonus for 5 total generations of referals b/c of the membership option I chose). You don't have to really give out any kind of personal information other than the e-mail address that they send the paypal payments to (the cash back payments) and that information shouldn't be too sensitive b/c it's an e-mail address.

    If anyone has had problems with them or knows of problems, please let me know b/c they look pretty good from what I've seen but even I don't want to use them if there are problems (It's always possible that on the vast web I've overlooked stuff).

    And Mods, please feel free to move this to the right forum or PM me to discuss it if you feel it's "risky" or wrong in some way or if it violates the TOC b/c it would be beneficial to people that sign up and use Ebay often so I do feel it has a place here but I understand how people are very cautious of these things. But I'm more than open to discussing that in private.

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