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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by funkmonkey007, May 7, 2017.

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    I've customised a few figures, and I've found that priming my figures before painting them is deifinitely the next step for improving the quality of my customs. As a result, I've bought an airbrush and I already have an assortment of tamiya paints. I was hoping this thread could tell me what thin (preferably cheap) primers/thinners for an airbrush are out there.

    Would just a base coat of any solid colour work as a prime coat?

    Also, what kind of thinner should I be using with tamiya acrylics?

    Lastly, what sort of paint booth setup do you guys use? What would you recommend?

    Anything helps guys, thanks.
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    I use a sandable surface primer for pretty much everything now: Vallejo USN Light Ghost Grey Primer Acrylic Polyurethane, 60ml: Toys & Games

    The gray is awesome, but I also use white and black.

    For thinning, you can get a flow enhancer fluid or even just an airbrush thinner fluid.
    Keep the air running if you're using dual action, or have a cleaner nearby. When I brush, I usually try to have everything lined up beforehand so I don't break stride long enough for any paint to set in the nozzle (I use an Iwata-Medea gravity feed HP+C, so it's a pretty good workhorse).
    For a station, I use a foam sheet with alligator clips on kabob sticks poked into to hold my pieces. I also have cardboard around the area to prevent unwanted overspray. Another thing I use is a lazy Susan (kitchen thing that is pretty much a spinning plate) to spray larger pieces on.
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    I use those same primers. Vallejo makes some great primers and paints for airbrushing.

    I built my own spray booth out of foam board and duct tape. Inside that, I use a Tamiya paint stand with tooth picks pushed through screw holes to hold the pieces. I need to get some ventilation built into the booth, but it works for me.
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