Minor/Repaint: Getaway and Rev

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Alteron_Sheng, May 21, 2010.

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    This unit started as a joke that rather got out of hand as I went.
    Nightbeat is one of my favorite marvel comic charaters, and when I found out that he had a 'universe' toy I was delighted and planned to get him once I had a chance. Looking up some new information about him, I found out that another repainted Hot Shot toy that I had (Getaway) had been a team-mate of his in DW comics. That lead to me taking a headless Armada Hot Shot and giving him a TFA Blurr head and new paint job to make him into Siren. Then I decided well, why not take another damaged Hot shot toy (Blue Cybertron mold with a broken waist and hips) and turn him into Joyride with a swivel waist? Then I looked up which characters had worked with Nightbeat from marvel and DW and on a whim looked up the number of differant Hot Shot molds and found out that I had enough variations to make the WHOLE team out of Hot Shot molds... Well, I owned all of them except a second red legends Hot Shot and Nightbeat!
    So with everyone except Playback, Lug and Nightbeat finished, I figured I might as well show my insanity.
    I'll be showing off the team in groups of two, for the most part the 'master pairs.
    Rev is a Cybertron Legends Red Alert with silver paint and panel-lining. I also modified him so that his backshield/spoiler stayed attached to his legs when in robot mode to give him a different look then the other 'master units made of the legends toy repaints.

    Getaway has less work done to him than Rev, mostly he gained panel-lining. I'd been planning on giving my Deep Cover and Clamp Down Cybertron Hot Shot's heads to make them look a bit more different from the 'twins'. So I carefully removed Getaway's existing head and cut off Sideswipe's head. slicing a rectangle out of the plastic between his shoulders, I slid the square of plastic that held the post for Sideswipe's balljoint into place. The different head also looked decently simular to Getaway's head (I'll probably modify it to give him a faceplate later)

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    Those colors really pop on that mold. More than I expected. The panel lining comes off as a little heavy handed though.

    Enjoying the work on your whole series though.

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