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    Hey guys I am having a really hard time getting this to go forth. Okay as some of you know I am trying to make a 1940's style stunticon team based of the what was it third recent transformers vs Gi-joe's comic book where prime and the stunticons went to the 1940's and every one else was in just weird time lines.

    For the stunticons I have chosen to use the g2 Lazer rods and I have been able in keep the electronics working but the problem is I don't know how make arm connectors. I have chosen to go with the parts for the energon aerial bots but now after buying them I don't know if that was a wise idea or not. I really want this to work and I don't know how to do it right.

    Also for motor master I am using classics inferno and for the menasor body I am using cybertron Metroplex but at the same point I dont know what to do on how to try and get them to combine on to him. This is my very first combiner and I am having a lot of problems in getting them to combine. Please some one help me out here. Just blue prints on how to get figures to combine would be appreciated.

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