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    Updated 11/25/17

    All items are complete and in good condition unless otherwise noted. From a non-smoking home. Will send photos for large purchases on request.

    Please ask if you're looking for anything that isn't on here. I have more loose items and even some from my prior sales lists you might want.

    Prices are more negotiable the more you buy! No holds, first to pay gets the item! I will only ship inside the continental US.
    Paypal only. Paypal fees and shipping not included unless noted.

    Please pm me to buy items.

    My Feedback: Ebay & TFW Junkion

    **Red = SOLD**

    Will trade in your favor, check out my full Want List:.
    Maketoys Utopia
    Car Robots God Fire Convoy Special Clear Version
    TF Jr Super God Ginrai set
    more on my Want list! And Check my sig for wants too!

    Now for the good stuff for sale:

    $40 Alternators Camshaft - sold
    $30 Alternators Sunstreaker
    $45 Generations Drift - sold
    $45 United Rumble & Frenzy - sold
    $60 Botcon Megazarak - sold
    $40 Botcon Catscan
    $75 Arms Micron Dark Guard Optimus Prime
    $50 Titanium 3" Optimus Primal & Beast Wars Megatron set autographed by David Kaye and Gary Chalk
    $50 Animated Cybertron Optimus Prime deluxe autographed by David Kaye
    $40 Animated Bumblebee autographed by Bumper Robinson
    $65 Animated Optimus Prime voyager autographed by David Kaye
    $20 Animated Cybertron mode Megatron voyager
    $60 ROTF/3P NEST Bludgeon voyager w/ Headrobots Blood add-on
    $45 ROTF Deluxe Bumblebee, first release seal, autographed by Mark Ryan at Botcon
    $135 DOTM Darkside Optimus Prime (voyager) - sold
    $20 Combiner Wars Hound - sold

    $15 Combiner Wars Wheeljack - sold
    $15 Combiner Wars Prowl - sold
    $15 Combiner Wars Mirage - sold

    $15 Combiner Wars Sunstreaker- sold
    $15 Combiner Wars Ironhide- sold
    $15 Combiner Wars Smokescreen- sold

    $65 Combiner Wars G2 Menasor set - sold
    $130 Takara legends Ginrai (loose complete) and Godbomber (misb) set - sold
    $65 TFCC/JoeClub Ninja Force set- sold
    $45 Cloud Starscream

    $18 Star Wars Elite C2-B5
    $18 Star Wars Elite First Order Tie Fighter Pilot
    $18 Star Wars Elite First Order Flametrooper
    $10 First Order Tie Fighter Bluetooth speaker

    $20 Daredevil season 1 bluray set sealed

    Loose (no packaging included unless specified):

    $355 (shipped ) 3P MMC Feral Rex + Felisaber set (loose complete)
    - Decepticon logos applied
    - with trading cards & instruction booklets for R02 thru R07,
    - Completion Kit, Friction Kit, and R-07 face upgrade)
    $255 (shipped) 3P FansProject M3 Intimidator Menasor loose and Exclusive Kar Krash (MOSC)
    $60 3P Mech Ideas Apex & Gemini (3P Topspin & Twin-twist, w/ extra head) - sold
    $40 3P BTS-01 Motion Cryptotype Base (Trailer for Henkei Crystal Convoy)
    $30 3P BTS-01 Nemesis Motion Base (Trailer for Botcon Shatterglass Optimus Prime)
    $30 3P BTS-01 Reboot Nemesis Base (Trailer for Generations SDCC Nemesis Prime)
    $30 3P KO Blue Konvoy Optimus Prime - sold
    $40 3P Fansproject Defender w/ heel add-on & reprolables applied
    $35 3P iGear MW-01C Spray (chrome ver., upgrade reprolabels applied )
    $35 3P iGear MW-02G Rager (toy color ver.)
    $10 3P Impossible Toys TRNS-EX1 Ninja (Night-Bird) (complete but some parts need to be glued back on)
    $15 3P Lucky Rogers JK-01M Medic add-on (for Wreck Gar) - sold
    $20 3P UFO Replica Back Panel & Buster Guns Set (Chrome) for ROTF leader Optimus Prime mold
    $90 3P Shadow Commander Set - Real deal, Not KO!! (includes: SDCC Nemesis Prime, Fansproject TFX-01B Shadow Commander Armor, custom painted Motormaster head (Photos here or here), custom painted matching G1 Ultra Magnus missiles & gun, Perfect Effect upgrade PX-01 Shadow Pack)
    $50 3P Perfect Effect upgrade PE-01 Shadow Warrior & PE-02 Shadow Demolitions set- Sold
    $40 3P Perfect Effect upgrade PE-03 Laser & PE-04 Buzzer
    $75 3P MMC Grandus Hexatron
    $20 3P Perfect Feet custom painted to match Takara Bruticus feet colors (KO PerfectEffect feet)
    $20 Igear MW-04 UFO w Reprolabels
    $40 Fansproject Code X0
    $40 Fansproject Browning X10
    $50 Fansproject Quadruple-U X2
    $30 Fansproject Crox X-8
    $60 Fansproject Smartrobin with Face & Faceplate headmasters
    $225 Fansproject - Warbot - Revolver, Recoiler, and Riftshot - Set of 3
    $250 Fansproject - Steel Core, Renderform RFX-009E head, Core Trailer, Ruthen & Osmi Set
    $70 CW Optimus Prime - The Primo Vitalis Kit

    $75 Masterpiece Megatron MP-05 (complete, typical tarnish feet) - sold
    $65 Masterpiece Walmart Starscream (substitute black Skywarp pilot and translucent orange stand part included) - sold

    $85 Masterpiece 20th Anniv Optimus Prime (battle damaged, w/ gun, megatron, and axe) - sold

    $55 Botcon Rapido - sold
    $30 Botcon Weirdolf
    $25 Botcon Huffer - sold
    $35 Botcon Skyquake
    $25 Botcon Brimstone
    $70 Botcon Toxitron (w/ plunger)
    $45 Botcon Shattered Glass Junkion Junkheap
    $45 Botcon Shattered Glass Junkion Scrap Iron
    $60 Botcon Sunstorm seeker - sold
    $50 Botcon Bitstream seeker - sold

    $20 Botcon Frank Welker package Megatron Litho (no autograph)
    $20 Botcon Judd Nelson package Hot Rod Litho (no autograph)
    $40 TFCC Slipstream - sold
    $30 TFCC Carzap & GB Blackrock - sold
    $55 TFCC Chromedome - sold

    $40 TFCC Rewind & Eject set - sold
    $15 TFCC Afterburner (w/o Fairborne figure)
    $10 TFCC Nova Prime box only
    $10 TFCC Over-run box only
    $10 TFCC Trans-mutate box only
    $80 TFCC Punch/Counterpunch
    $40 TFCC Combiner Punch
    $40 Botcon Banzai-tron
    $40 Botcon Alpha Trizer
    $50 Botcon G2 General Optimus Prime (missing dianaught)
    $30 Botcon G2 Sgt Hound (missing dianaught)
    $80 TFCC Baricade & Frenzy
    $80 Botcon Octopunch with Shapeways head and tenticle addons

    $65 SDCC GI Joe/Transformers Crossover Jetfire Sky Striker plane only, stickers applied, no figures included
    $25 SDCC GI Joe/Transformers Crossover Hound Jeep only, stickers applied, no figures included - sold
    $50 SDCC GI Joe/Transformers Crossover Shockwave Hisstank only, stickers applied, no figures included - sold

    $55 G1 Cyclonus - sold
    $10 G1 Pretender Roadblock Pretender shell (no accessories)
    $35 G1 Pretender Roadblock Outer robot shell, Inner Robot (repaired arm), hand gun, vehicle shell (slight yellowing on shovel), fair sticker condition - sold
    $15 G1 Zone C-359 Kaen box & styrofoam only (rough)

    Unicron Trilogy
    $30 Armada Optimus Prime Leader w/ Sparkplug minicon - Sold

    $25 Alternators Jazz - sold
    $30 Alternators Shockwave - sold

    $25 Alternators Battle Ravage
    $25 Alternators Sideswipe - sold

    CHUG etc
    $30 Classics Optimus Prime voyager
    $40 Classics Megatron voyager
    $20 Classics Starscream
    $28 Universe Overkill - sold
    $28 Generations GDO Cliffjumper
    $20 Generations Dirge
    $15 Generations Hoist - sold
    $15 Generations IDW Bumblebee w/ cane add-on
    $65 Generations Inferno w/ Maidenjapan head guard & gun, and TFC 004 Gears of War Ladder & hand gun add-ons - sold
    $30 Generations GDO Hot Spot with reprolables applied
    $50 Generations Reveal the Shield Solar Storm Grapple w/ Maidenjapan head guard & hand gun add-ons - sold
    $65 Generations Ruination Wreckers set
    $10 Generations Scoop - sold
    $35 Generations GDO Springer w/ MegaMoonMan wheels add-on
    $35 Generations Takara TG-08 Kickback FOC
    $15 Generations Trailcutter - sold
    $20 Generations Whirl (Decals applied)
    $20 Generations Wreck-gar w/ tan reprolabels applied - sold
    $20 Generations Blitzwing (voyager w rotating faces)
    $40 Henkei Cyclonus - sold
    $35 Henkei Ironhide
    $35 Henkei Ratchet
    $80 Henkei Onslaught with Headrobots Butcher add-on
    $55 Henkei Artfire with Maiden Japan add on - sold
    $30 United Ark Unicron
    $15 United Tracks (missing gun) - sold
    $15 United UN-25 Tank Megatron G2
    $20 Combiner Wars Battlecore Optimus - sold
    $12 Combiner Wars Trailbreaker - sold
    $12 Combiner Wars Prowl - sold
    $17 Combiner Wars Groove (x2) - sold

    $10 Generations Roadbuster
    $10 Combiner Wars Swindle - sold
    $55 Combiner Wars Jetfire with arm fillers and reprolabels - sold
    $40 Combiner Wars Megatron

    $20 Titans Return Megatron headmaster voyager
    $30 Titans Return G2 Optimus Prime (Chaos on Velocitron)
    $10 Titans Return Twinferno
    $20 Titans Return Blitzwing - sold
    $15 Titans Return Alpha Trion
    $10 Titans Return Hot Rod - sold
    $15 Titans Return Broadside - sold

    $18 Legacy Optimus Prime WFC Deluxe (Amazon Excl.)
    $10 Generations Wheeljack
    $10 Generations Nightbeat
    $20 Classics Prowl
    $10 Titans Return Highbrow
    $10 Titans Return Skullcruncher
    $10 Titans Return Getaway
    $10 Titans Return Chromedome
    $10 Titans Return Legends Brawn
    $50 Takara United Ultra Magnus (chrome grill)
    $20 Combiner Wars Cyclonus
    $30 Generations Ultra Darkwind with Renderform head
    $40 Platinum FOC Grimlock (gold chrome) with IF-EX-01 and head addons
    $10 Generations Windblade (IDW comic ver)

    Prime/Beast Hunters/Arms Micron/Go!
    $25 Prime First Edition Arcee - sold
    $15 Prime Wheeljack - sold
    $35 Prime Megatron voyager - sold
    $15 Beast Hunters Smokescreen - sold

    $30 Beast Hunters Predaking (2nd voyager/leader) - sold
    $70 Arms Micron Nemesis Prime
    $30 Arms Micron Wildrider
    $30 Arms Micron Smokescreen - sold
    $35 Go! Hunter Soundwave G-18 (w/ Cobra emblems stickers applied to wings) - sold

    $30 Powercore combiner Grimstone (Dinobots)

    $15 Transformers Adventure Takara TAV-VS05 Jazz Battle Mode

    Bay Movies
    $175 Takara Asia Premium APS-01 Striker Optimus Prime - sold
    $20 Human Alliance Bumblebee
    $35 Human Alliance Barricade - sold
    $45 ROTF Deluxe Bludgeon with Headrobots Blood DX add-on kit
    $35 ROTF Legends Devastator & CrazyDevy wrecking Balls add-on - sold
    $20 ROTF Mindwipe voyager - crack on one ankle
    $45 AOE Takara Black Knight Grimlock
    $20 AOE Voyager Drift Helicopter
    $50 AOE Takara Grimlock (G1 colors, voyager)
    $50 AOE Takara Slug (Slag, G1 colors)
    $55 AOE Takara AD-01 Optimus Prime Leader
    $10 AOE Silver Knight Optimus Prime (chrome deluxe, Target excl., no accessories)
    $40 Human Alliance Skids
    $180 Human Alliance Mudflap
    $40 Human Alliance Sideswipe
    $50 Human Alliance Jazz
    $80 Takara Black Arcee w/ Allspark cube
    $125 AOE Leader Optimus Prime Gray Test Shot/Prototype
    $30 DOTM Shockwave voyager
    $10 AOE Lockdown
    $30 AOE Takara AD-11 Dispenser
    $100 DOTM Leader Ironhide with FWI-2 addon cannons & blades
    $40 ROFT Whirl (from Master of Metallikato set) with Gyro Headrobots addons

    Rescue Bots
    $10 Heatwave (first release)
    $10 Raptor Bumblebee

    $10 Robots in Disguise Scout class Optimus Prime (small firetruck)
    $40 He-Man MattyCollector Gygor (loose)
    $45 Masterforce CM Gutto Kuru Ginrai figure (loose Complete) - sold

    Offers accepted. Click title links for more pics and info.
    Movie Galvatron - $99 or best offer

    Straxus (Cybertron Mode) $39 or best offer - sold

    Junkions $79 or best offer
    Sorry...Junkion Arcee not included.

    Impactor $20 or best offer

    SG Cyclonus (before TFCC released him!) $79 or best offer...Hot Rod and SG Rodimus not included.

    Classics Wheeljack upgrade Kit $39 or best offer...Not yellowed, just dark pics

    Classics Predacons $79 or best offer

    I made these for myself, but you are welcome to order them directly from also.
    Click here: Headmaster Tech Spec, Very Angry Birds, ...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Spreadshirt coupons.
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    You wouldn't happen to have a CW First Aid would you? I'm looking for CW Ironhide and First Aid for a custom.
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    Would you sell the PE Shadow Warrior and Demolitions separate?
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    What exactly is Combiner Wars Roadbuster?
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    Guess I meant Generations or Thrilling 30. It’s the most recent Voyager.
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    Ludington, Michigan
    Thank you.
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    Updated with new items
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