Minor/Repaint: generations wheeljack g1 upgrade

Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by chansformers, Aug 15, 2011.

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    not sure if this has been done yet and i didn't see anything in the tutorials about this,but if it has,no toes were meant to be steeped on:wink: :) 

    a extremely simple 5 minute upgrade to make your generations wheeljack more like his g1 counterpart,"without" having to do any mods to the figure itself.

    all it takes is.....
    generations wheeljack(he remains untouched throughout)
    generations jazz(specifically his speaker things)
    junker pair of g1 shoulder launchers
    crazy glue
    begin by clipping the mounting clips on the original g1 launchers bottoms.(looks like lego mans hands)
    sand the nibs/nubs smooth/flush.

    sand down the front face/speaker side of the jazz speakers.

    glue the front face side of the jazz speakers to the bottom of the original launchers,making sure it's all square and flush to the rear and outside edges of the speaker things.

    once dry,simply clip the new refurbished launchers to the green clip posts which in alt mode are for his side pipes,but end up in the perfect spot in bot mode.



    front view of the refurbished launchers,note how the white joints/clips are positioned.

    side view

    rear view

    and the clips they mount to in bot mode



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    Nice work, Otis! I love the G1 launcher over that smaller one that came with Generations Wheeljack. I actually added a C-clip to my old G1 launcher and have it attached on that same green post you mentioned. I didn't go in-depth with it like you did, but I drilled a hole and glued it in so that it snaps onto that post. I'm only using one to mimmick the G1 toon, but this is great for those who want to add some G1 love to their WJ!

    As for mine, I never really did a proper WIP thread on Wheeljack--just a couple of tutorials on various mods I did to him. I may have had a shot or two with it on in the tutorials, can't remember though.
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    ohhh very nice!

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