Generations Thundercracker Review (with pictures)

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    Got my Thundercracker yesterday and opened him up right now. At first I was really amazed how tight his joints and wings are. My white Starscream was way floppier (even had to put some super glue on some places so that his nullrays stay on his arms and his wings stay folded up in robot mode). Only the nosecone feels softer and looser.

    I had to sand down some things again at the cockpit, but at a different place than on my Starscream.

    Now he stands here beside me in all his glory and I have to say, it is really a great toy. Although it is just a repaint of Starscream I really have to say that he is really cool. He feels even better qualitywise than my Starscream.

    And this is the first time I had a Transformer with two instructions. One in english and one in chinese.

    I did not expect that a repaint of a figure I already have could amaze me like this. But it does well! Now I really hope there will be a Generations Skywarp using this mold, so I can complete the trio.

    Now I wish my Universe Starscream would have such tight joints.
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    After six other seekers with the same mold, you'd think the quality would become worse but it's not. He's probably the best one. All his joints are right and smooth. His face is nice too. Almost as if they touched up the mold or something.

    His silver paint is super nice and chromey too.

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