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    Picked him up today and I must admit that he's pretty nifty. Originally, I had no intentions to pick this toy up but after reading news that Hasbro was releasing the other two origin seekers, I decided to pick up Megatron's backing stabbing air commander.

    I was on the fence as to which version to choose but after reading reports about paint chips and having bad experiences with metallic paint fading on my other toys (Hot Toys and DG Figuarts), I decided to choose the Hasbro version and I'm glad I did.

    The paint apps are well applied - some minor paint smudges on the tail fins and guns but on the whole pretty good.

    Structurally, the figure feels solid in both robot and alternate mode.

    Sculpt is quite good. My only complaint is the 'wide feet' stance of the figure.

    Size. I'm abit miffled that we didn't get a larger Starscram but I'm fine with it as its similar in size with the Classics and G1 version.

    Articulation. Pretty satisfied with it as his elbows and knee can bend allowing for action poses.

    Overall, I give this figure an 8/10.

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