Generations: Chronicles of Cybertron

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    This story is my attempt at writing a history of CYbertron, from the onset of the great war, to the Earth Exodus, as well as the return.
    I have added some minor charactors as well as changed up certain themes as you all will soon read. Enjoy.
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    Deep Space, near Cybertron
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    copy it
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    Thanks for reading my fic, glad you gave it a chance. I like your style, keep writing I'm looking forward to reading the conclusion of at least one of your fics. (hahaha)
    ...............Like I can talk about not finishing stories........
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    Somebody check me out and tell me what you think. Here's the next installment.
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    A New Threat
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    nice dude this looks good (that silver one hmm)
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    Earth: 4000 B.C.

    “I find this world totally amazing.” an awestruck voice uttered as two beings observed what looked to be an impossible architectural project unfold before them. “How can such a primitive world produce intelligence capable of such feats?”

    “Archa, Cerebros, come in,” a voice emanating from the wrist communicator of the darkly colored being known as Cerebros called out. “Come in you two, your services are required. I have completed the instillation of the neural processors so if you two aren’t too busy would you please return to base so we can load these beings creatures aboard the shuttle and get off of this organic mudball.”

    “Easy Lumas we’re coming, just taking in the sights that’s all.” Archa responded after he stood up and activated a device on his left wrist.

    “Well stop coming and get here, the subjects are ready!”

    “Don’t get your servos in a bunch, we’re right here.” Archa said to a startled Lumas as he approached him from behind.

    “I hate when you do that Archa.” Lumas replied shoving his long time traveling buddy. “Where’s Cerebros?”

    “He’s coming, he just stayed behind to watch the humans build this tower; their work is actually pretty amazing, even to me.” Archa stated as he walked towards the frames Lumas had been working on.

    “I see that you are proud of your handiwork as well.” Lumas stated as Archa looked at the five powerful frames he had recently built.

    “You have to admit it Lumas, my work is pretty good. Who else do you know that can build such magnificent works of Archa-techure such as what you see.” Archa said proudly as he continued to survey the five frames they’d worked on.

    “Humans,” Cerebros said as he approached the other two. “Their ability to adapt their surroundings and construct the world around them fit their purposes is amazing. I’m now throughly convinced that the subjects we picked for our “project” are not the dominant beings on this planet after all.”

    “I doubt that very seriously Cerebros.” Lumas began. “How can those puny humans rule a world where great beasts like the ones we encountered roam so freely?”

    “The humans impress me too Cerebros, but I must side with Lumas on this one, the evidence is just too overwhelming; dinosaurs rule the Earth.” Archa declared.

    “Suppose you’re right,” Cerebros replied, “and dinosaurs do rule this planet. Clearly the humans are evolving into a formidable life form. Even those terrible lizards can fall at the hands of enough humans because the humans can out think them. By my calculations in a matter of a few millenniums the dinosaurs will be extinct and the humans will be a space faring race much like we are. I think it quite plausible that one day we will fortunate enough to form an alliance with them.”

    “You’ve been drinking some stale energon Cerebros,” Lumas rebutted. “All I know is that we’ve done our job. The senate sent us here to study the civilization, or lack thereof, build a base of operations just in case the need ever arises, and to begin peaceful negotiations with the planet’s dominant life form. We’ve done two of the three, plus built these transforming replicas of those monsters you two call dinosaurs to bring back to the senate. I say we call it mission complete and haul tailpipe back to Cybertron before my neural net explodes.”

    “Very well Lumas, your point is taken.” Cerebros answered, “But I will not be returning with you. I will stay behind for further study of this budding human civilization. If the senate’s worries have some foundation I want to be 100% sure that the leaders of this planet and those of our kind will have a peaceful coexistence.”

    “But Cerebros,” Archa stated, “we can’t just leave you here alone.”

    “You won’t have to,” Cerebros replied as he walked over to their shuttle. “You two are to take the four of your creations with you, I will keep other.”

    “We don’t understand. Why, What are you getting at?”

    “Take a look at this,” Cerebros stated as he unveiled a two-pronged metal casing.

    “What’s so special about that, it looks like a metal casing to us?” Lumas said.

    “That’s exactly what it is Lumas. The casing is not what I want to show you, it’s what’s inside.” Cerebros said as he pulled the prongs apart so that the round casing between the prongs separated and a pale red light appeared. “This is my invention, I call it a spark container. It is designed to hold the sentient essence of a newly created being like the five before us. By inserting one of the sparks within the container into the being’s processor the being will become sentient just as we are.”

    “So if what you’re saying is correct we can take five sparks out of that container, insert them into our creations, and they will become living beings just like us? Archa asked.

    “Precisely, all they would need is an energy source to spark the spark, and in a matter of,
    seconds we’d have company.”

    “Won’t that be potentially dangerous Cerebros?” Lumas inquired. “How are we to gage how the personality of the new being will be? We could potentially be creating a foe.”

    “That is correct Lumas, and that is why I’m suggesting that you take the four big ones back to Cybertron with you without a spark and leave me with the bird. That one may be easier to handle.”

    “I guess you’ve made up your mind then Cerebros,” Archa asked. “Is there anything we can say or do to make you board the ship for Cybertron with us?”

    “I’m afraid not,” Cerebros answered. “This world holds far too much potential for me to forsake it now. In life we all have callings, and I believe that my calling is linked to the human race. But if you guys ever need me, if Cybertron ever needs me, then you know where to find me.”

    “What about the sparks, aren’t you gonna put the extra four back into the containment?” Archa asked.

    “I don’t think I can. There seems to be something stopping me from putting anything back in. It looks like once something comes out, it’s out.” Cerebros stated as he struggled with the device.

    “And it looks like the sparks come out in fives.” Lumas noted.

    “Well I guess you two will just have to take extras.” Cerebros stated.

    “What are we to use for containment?” Lumas asked.

    “The frames themselves can be used for containment, just be careful not to give them a power source.” Cerebros answered.

    “Okay, we’re taking the sparks, we’re taking the frames, and we’re about to take the rocket.” Archa asked as they began loading the ship. “Are you sure you’re staying behind?”

    “100%.” Cerebros answered before helping Archa and Lumas prepare for departure.

    “We’re going to miss you brianiac.” Archa stated as he walked up the entry to the rocket. “Take care.”

    “I’ll miss the two of you as well, but don’t worry, Cybertron has not seen the last of me.” Cerebros replied before his old friend a hug. “Now hurry along Archa so you can get into stasis before Lumas starts his routine; we both know how he gets in space.”

    “I’ll miss you too Cerebros.” Lumas said as he gave Cerebros a tap on the shoulder before following Archa aboard the ship. “Cybertron awaits!”

    “Have a safe journey, and tell the senate how great Earth is.” Cerebros yelled as the thrusters of the rocket began humming. In a matter of seconds the rocket shot off the launchpad within the base toward a destination far beyond the clouds leaving Cerebros and an inert metal bird alone. As the rocket disappeared from view Cerebros gently rolled the remaining spark from the palm of his hand into the main processor of the robotic frame, then took the frame with him from inside the hidden base to the bright sunshine that awaited on the outside. As soon as the sun’s rays touched the frame it began shaking in such a violent manner that Cerebros was knocked over and the frame crash to the ground. Cerebros got to his feet, dusted himself off, and began walking towards the frame that was now shaking on the ground. As his hands approached the large metal bird the frame thrust itself from the ground and in less than a couple seconds Cerebros found himself awestruck as he stared into the optics of a robot larger than him that had just been a prehistoric bird. “Unbelievable it worked, I knew it would!”

    “What worked?” the newly functioning robot asked. “Me say you give Swoop explanation so Swoop can decide whether you friend or foe.”

    “Can I begin by saying wow!” Cerebros exclaimed as he gazed at the amazing creature that would be his partner in this new world


    Deep Space, near Cybertron

    “Wait, Deliberata, please wait!” an egg shaped being beckoned while being suspended above a pool of liquid.

    “How amusing that you choose now as the time to seek my favor Killuminati when you have avoided doing so for your entire existence.” another egg shaped being with tentacles extending from its lower torso answered as it hovered in front of the platform Killuminati was suspended over. “Very well I will wait, but your life shall only be extended if you can convince me that you are worth sparing.” Deliberata declared before spinning the top portion of his frame around so that the face displayed looked like that of death itself. “Please begin.”

    “My treachery was not what you perceived it to be Deliberata,” Killuminati began, “in fact it was not treachery at all. The truth is, I had no choice.”

    “Get to the point.”

    “My point is quite simple judge Deliberata, the master ordered me to strike.”

    The face on judge Deliberata changed from one of death to one of panic at the notion that the master had somehow been in contact with Killuminati. “You dare invoke the master into this, have you no shame!”

    “I am telling the truth! The master demanded that Cybertron be put on warning, and that is the reason I disobeyed your commands.”

    “Release him.” Deliberata ordered the subjects detaining Killuminati. “If what you’re saying is true than we must accelerate our plans. Have you any suggestions Killuminati?”

    “Yes, my suggestion is that we hurry. If the master destroys Cybertron we will never be able to stop him.”

    “The probability that we will be able to stop him has been reduced by your most recent actions. You have alerted the Cybertronians to our presence so the element of surprise is no longer a weapon we can employ, and if we are not able to take Cybertron we will not stand a chance.” Deliberata responded.

    “Without the element of surprise, what course of action can we use to overthrow the Cybertronian government?” Killuminati inquired.

    “Might.” Deliberata replied. “Though your attempt to invade with our droids was an abysmal failure, you may have been on the right track.”

    “My goal was not to invade Cybertron Deliberata, but only to send them warning that the master has not forgotten about his home world. I only took your warriors to secure my own escape.”

    “Save your explanation for someone who cares Killuminati, I have an idea.” Deliberata stated as he rotated his frame to display the face of amusement.

    “So what do you have in mind?”

    “A re-enactment,” the judge answered. “The Cybertronians have been a peaceful race throughout history. Your invasion was probably the first act of aggression they have ever faced; so based on that, chances are that their defense preparations are still minimal. So we will send an army of droids back to Cybertron to accomplish our goals, this time without your leadership.”

    “How can an army of mindless robot conquer Cybertron without a leader?” Killuminati asked.

    “They will not be without a leader, come.” Deliberata stated as his tentacles pressed a button that opened a door leading into a dark corridor. “This is my latest project. He will be the general of my army.” he declared proudly as he hovered beside the silver frame.

    “Very impressive Deliberata, impressive indeed. But I’m afraid that ever this mighty war machine may not pack enough muscle to conquer Cybertron.” Killuminati stated. “According to the reports I gathered, it appears that the Cybertronian have been building guardian robots that will tower over this general of yours. How will he combat them?”

    “Intelligence always wins you fool,” Deliberata yelled. “I am aware of your findings, and I am also aware that those guardians are every bit the robotic slaves that my droids are. He will be different.”


    “His mental capacity will nearly match that of a Quintesson, his strength will nearly match that of those guardians you mentioned, and if that isn’t enough, the element of surprise will not be a weapon he lacks.” Deliberata explained.

    “I do not see how the Cybertronians will be surprised by a 30 foot silver menace with a particle canon attached to his arm. They will surely find and attack him en mass before the attack escalates.”

    “Once again the fact that you lack vision is abundantly clear.” Deliberata said. “My general will not prance out in from of the droids announcing his presence. He, and his lieutenant will be disguised.”


    “Why yes, he will have a second in command as well as a sentient task force who will be disguised as well. Take a look at the monitor.” Deliberata ordered as he activated the screen above the platform the silver general was laying on.

    “Interesting,” Killuminati gasped. “These new warriors of your will be transformers!”

    “More specifically they will be Decepticons! These robots in disguise will be my elite task force, headed by a brutal cunning general who subdue Cybertron so that we, so that I can one day be ruler of the master himself!” Deliberata exclaimed.

    “Very well thought out Deliberata. Your mental acumen once again must be commended.” Killuminati stated. “When will these units be operational?”

    “Soon enough Killuminati, soon enough.” Deliberata answered. “Now go prep the others on the assembly line for mass development of droids.”

    “As you wish sir,” Killuminati answered before hovering back up the corridor. “By the way, does your Decepticon general have a name?”

    “Of course,” Deliberata replied, “I’ll call him, Megatron.”


    A slight tremor in the cabin of the Omega rocket alerted its passengers that it was time to prepare for landing. The dark abyss of space was replaced by the brilliant landscape of a metal world with soaring architecture and a beautifully lit surface.

    “Lumas, Lumas,” a blue and partly silver mech cried out as it began to shake another mech. “Snap out of stasis Lumas, we’ve made it home, we’re on Cybertron!”

    “Finally,” Lumas responded as he flexed his servos. “I hope I never have to leave this world again!”

    “I missed this world too.” Archa stated as he peered out at the breath-taking world below. “This place is beautiful and I’m with you; I hope our services are never required again on a world other than Cybertron.”

    “I’m confident it will not come to that Archa, after all this mission was no more than the senate overreacting as usual. For the life of me I cannot understand how an uncivilized organic world can be beneficial to a near perfect utopia like Cybertron.”

    “I love Cybertron too, but come on Lumas, not even Cybertron is perfect.”

    “Isn’t it? Sounds like you have brought into the senate’s propaganda.”

    “I’m not gonna act like I understand their decisions,” Archa responded, “but I am confident that the senate has their reasons. What those reasons are, however, is of no concern to me. All I’m concerned about is dropping these big, dinobots off so I can be on the first pod to the energon well.”

    “Hahaha,” Lumas chucked, “what a lush.”


    “The Omega rocket has landed and is preparing to dock sir.” A red and silver mech declared as it relayed the information on the monitor it was viewing to the head of the senate.

    “Send a welcoming party.” The leader commanded.

    “Yes sir, shall I order them here for a debriefing?”

    “No A3, that will not be necessary,” the leader said as he approached A3. “Alert the other Alpha units that they are relieved of their duties and contact the other senators informing them that they are to convene in my quarters in half a cycle.”

    “Yes sir.” A3 replied, “Do you have any further requests of me?”

    “No, you are dismissed, I’m sure you want to meet your returning friends at the Energon Hub.” The leader stated, “now go, have fun.” With that A3 shut down his workstation and made his way out of the senate communication center. Silence filled the room as the leader walked over to a monitor and stood in front of it before pressing a button to activate the screen. His optics were fixed on the screen as it revealed the image of a robot that consumed his full attention. “After all this time of peace and prosperity, must you rear your head again. Must I always be my brother’s keeper.”


    Loading Docs

    “Look at the size of these frames, they’re huge. What do you call theses things again?” an inquisitive mech asked while unloading the cargo of the Omega rocket.

    “Cerebros coined the designation of Dinobot,” Archa answered, “so that what we call them, Dinobots.”

    “The world you traveled to, what was it like? I know it had to be impressive if its denizens are of such a massive stature.” the mech continued.

    “It did have its impressive moments, but for the most part I found it to be a rather primitive world. Don’t let the size of these terrible lizards fool you, as mighty as they may appear in this metal casing, the ones on there home world are mere organics. And little if anything is valuable about organics.” Lumas answered the mech.

    “I wouldn’t say that Lumas,” Archa responded. “The smaller organics constructional acumen was quite impressive. It actually appeared to me that they were the dominant life forms on the planet and not these monsters.”

    “You’re starting to sound a lot like Cerebros Archa,” Lumas replied. “It seems that you too have an affinity for lower life forms. Fortunately for me I do not share your foolish disposition. I have no appreciation for organics, and I have grown tired of our discourse with this common mech. You can stay here and entertain this mech if you like, but I have an appointment at the Energon Hub.” Lumas stated as he left the unloading area and headed for the transport unit that awaited he and Archa.

    “Don’t mind him,” Archa said to the now embarrassed mech, “my friend has issues. Some would call him a bit of an elitist. Trust me, all Alpha units aren’t like him.”

    “Everyone but you seems to be that way sir,” the mech replied. “I guess I should think before I speak next time. A mech like me has got to know his place.”

    “It saddens me to no end that even after all this progress Cybertron is still a place of such prejudice. I dream of the day when my Cybertron advances to the point were a civilian mech like you and an Alpha unit like me can be looked at as equals.” Archa said as he put a hand down on the prostrate mech’s shoulder. “And on that day, you and I can toast together.”

    “Sounds too good to be true sir.” the mech said as he stood up next to the kind Alpha unit whom he towered over. “As great as Cybertron is, the likes of me will never be able to rub servos with dignified mechs like you.”

    “Cybertron will not truly be great until the day that all Cybertronians can stand together as one.” Archa concluded as he turned to face the transport that Lumas was waiting in.

    “Sir, you’ve just made my day,” the mech replied. “If I ever get the chance to help bring that day you speak of into existence you words will be the rallying cry I use to inspire myself and others.”

    “Haha, you are quite the mech young civilian,” Archa stated. “What do they call you?”

    “My name is Pax sir.” he answered.

    “Well Pax, it’s been good talking to you, but I must be going. Til all are one.” Archa stated as he turned and walked away.

    “Til all are one.” Pax said softly before returning to the task he was assigned to.

    Senate Chambers

    “Lord Primus,” a voice said braking the silence in the senate chamber. “Your recent behavior can best be described as peculiar. Tell me, what is the matter.”

    “Senator Jorell, why have you come here in the midst of such celebration?” the other replied as he turned away from the monitor he had been staring at for no telling how long.

    “Lord Primus your attempts at avoidance may work on must but I did not fall of the assembly line last cycle, so please, deal with me honestly.” Jorell answered.

    “There is no need for formalities it seems, guess I can’t hide the obvious from the likes of you.” Lord Primus stated. “Did you come alone?”

    “Yes I did,” Jorell replied, “something in my cerebral processor told me you may need an old fashioned one on one session.”

    “What I need is a plan, and what we all need is more time.” Primus answered.

    “What do you mean? What’s all of this babbling about Primus?”

    “Everything. The attacks, the strange messages I’ve been receiving, the overall state of denial Cybertron is in, everything!”

    “Primus, I don’t understand!”

    “Neither did I at first,” Primus declared, “But now everything’s becoming abundantly clear Jorell. And we may soon have to deal with something a lot worse than the attacks we experience previously.”

    “The attacks caused minimal damage if any,” Jorell stated. “They did little more than confirm the hypothesis that Cybertron is a safe world. We took your advice and sent a crew out to search the galaxy for a possible hafe haven should something far worse develop and they found two such havens that by our indications have never been inhabited and are rich in energon resources, so should some force come against Cybertron we have multiple alternatives. All of our bases have been covered, I do not understand what has caused you such worry.” Jorell finished.

    “Jorell,” Primus began. “Are you aware of the reason that I have led this senate for so long?”

    “Yes I am, it was your birthright. You are the only mech in existence of the Primus, or should I say sigma line.” Jorell answered.

    “You are correct.” Primus replied. “My heritage has endowed me with certain privileges.”

    “You’re being modest Primus.” a frustrated Jorell interrupted. “Your heritage, as you call it virtually makes you a god! I have been around for many vorns Primus, and unlike the other senators I know your secret. I have watched you long enough to know that you stage the awakenings. Cybertron does not grant life and sentience as it pleases, you do!” That ability is what sets you apart from all other mechs, and I have surmised that it is that ability that set your line, the sigma line apart, and not your wisdom.”

    “You are wrong!” Primus yelled.

    “Am I Primus?” Jorell declared. “Your denial will bear you no fruit, I am already convinced that what I said is surround by truth.”

    “How long, how long have you know this? And who else, who else is aware you your knowledge?” Primus asked.

    “I have shared these things with no one.” Jorell answered. “After all, how could I betray that secrets and trust of my creator.”

    “Thank you for your loyalty Jorell. You have proven yourself to be a true friend.” Primus replied.

    “And as a true friend, I trust that you will share with me what has been troubling you.” Jorell pressed.

    “Very well Jorell.” Primus began. “Most of the things you have concluded have merit. My line, the Sigma line was endowed with the gift of creation as well as the gift of wisdom. For years we were the only line on Cybertron until one of our number decided to create a new line which you know today as the Alpha line.”

    “My line.”

    “You’re not quite correct Jorel, but you are on the right track,” Primus continued. “The Alpha line did well for a while. That is until another of our line decided to create a more sinister line of mechs. Those mechs corrupted your kind and in time grew to become a large number. Year after year things worsened until finally the created lines decided to band together against my line. That act of aggression forced us to create a line of mechs capable of ending the revolution. These mechs were giant mechs, equipped with great power and might, and it was those mechs who won back Cybertron for us. After all that had transpired we experienced many loses and our numbers were few. We decided to start over with our creation and we created the femmes first followed by a new line of Alpha unit of which you sprung from.”

    “So it’s true, you are my creator!”

    “No not me.” Primus answered. “It was actually my brother who created your line. At that point I had not yet used my, abilities. He designed you to be a dignified class of robots who would not readily mix with any newer lines so as to avoid the conflict that initially arose.”

    “That would explain why so many of us are how shall I say, snobs.” Jorell replied.

    “Call it what you will, but that’s what he felt he had to do.” Primus stated. “Time went on and let’s just say that my brother did not get his fill of creativity. He was bored with the new Cybertron and he decided that he’d stir up a little chaos. He then created a small fleet of five-faces robots that acted as judge, jury, and executioners to all that opposed his line of reasoning. These mechs were responsible for destroying my entire line, leaving only myself and my brother operational. It was apparent that my brother was quite mad and that he was bent on a chaotic and destructive future for Cybertron, so I decided to do something about it.”

    “That something being?”

    “I created a line of powerful robots, not the size of the guardians because doing so would have alerted my brother. These mechs were capable of transforming into other forms that helped them defeat the line my brother created. Needless to say that my brother was not too happy with my creations destroying his, so he focused his madness on me. The two of us went at it for what seemed like forever and with neither of us gaining ground; I looked at what Cybertron had become and decided that enough was enough. At that point I knew that I had to rid Cybertron of my brother’s madness. So I built a ship, equipped with a wormhole device and a detonator. My plan was to get my brother and his remaining creations into the ship, launch it, and then activate the wormhole generator. I had no intentions on ever using the detonator, but once I got him on the ship I had to make it so that if he were to try to escape before I activated the wormhole generator the ship would explode. I told him my intentions and threatened him with the detonator so that he would not try to make a last ditch escape effort. He knew that I had finally won, and in a foolish display of pride and arrogance he decided to escape the ship just before I activated the wormhole.”

    “So what happened?”

    “I activated the wormhole, and the last thing I remember seeing was a huge explosion followed by nothing. So just like that my brother was gone, and I was the last of my line on Cybertron. At that point I created this last line of Alpha units as well as a smaller less aggressive form of the mechs that helped me defeat my brother. These mech became what you call the civilian line and they weren’t given the ability to transform like their predecessors. Shortly after that the senate was assembled and we have known nothing but peace since that time.” Primus concluded.

    “You leave me with more questions still Primus.” Jorell said. Based on what you just told me there should be some transformers alive and functional here on Cybertron. Is that true?”

    “Yes, but they are not the threat if that is where you are going.” Primus answered.

    “Well,” Jorell declared, “what is?”

    Primus touched a button and the monitor displayed an image of the short battle that took place when Cybertron was attacked.

    “This is the battle with the droids.” Jorell said.

    “I know, now look at the one leading the droids.” Primus pointed out.

    “What kind of mech is that?” Jorell inquired.

    “It is the same kind of mech that destroyed my line. It is one of my brother’s creations.!” Primus answered.

    “How is that possible, weren’t they all destroyed along with him vorns ago?”
    Jorell asked as he began to put the pieces together.

    “I saw that ship blow up and I thought I witnessed the death of my brother, but I was wrong. He’s alive, and we may all be in grave danger!” Primus stated.

    “I see.” Jorell said. “So what do you suppose we do?”

    “I’m going to end this war between my brother and I once and for all. You and all of your line will relocated to one of the worlds our expedition discovered.” Primus answered.

    “How will you beat him? He’s gonna come back to Cybertron with an army.” Jorell inquired.

    “I don’t know, but I will beat him even if it takes the last drop of fuel in my fuel pump.” Primus declared.

    “Cybertron is our home too, we will stay and we will fight with you.” Jorell suggested.

    “You know very well that your programming will not allow you to fight effectively as an army. Your line will be slaughtered if you stay.” Primus decided. “You must got, but tell no one of the true reason for the exodus, we don’t need anyone trying to be a hero.”

    “And what about you, what are your plans?” Jorell asked. “Your exodus is my plan. If I know my brother he will be watching Cybertron and a mass exodus may cause him to spare an all out attack until he discovers that the reason for the exodus was not accurate. I must make it look like I too am a part of the exodus.” Primus stated.

    “Say no more my lord.” Jorell replied. “I will inform the senate of a major instability within Cybertron’s very core, an instability which threatens the future of our existence here. Once they hear this, getting them to leave will not require much effort.”

    “Thank you Jorell. It felt good getting so much bottled up history off my chest.” Primus said.

    “Thank you sir, it seems as though we owe you a great deal of gratitude with regards to the past as well as our future. Your efforts and your name will live on both on our new world and on Cybertron.” Jorell declared. “As I stated before, you are in all points a god to us.”

    “I am no god Jorell, I am a mech just like you. I just have a slightly higher calling.”

    “In my optics you are more than you even image, and I am confident that you will defeat your brother, the dark god once and for all.” Jorell replied.

    “Now go, enjoy these last few peaceful cycles.” Primus said. “Next week, the evacuation begins.”

    “Yes sir.” Jorell responded. “But before I go, can you tell me the name of my creator?”

    “Yes, his name is Unicron.”


    A New Threat

    “All is going as planned Deliberata, the Stealthscrew has reentered the Cybertronian solar system and Cybertron is less than a few cycles journey away from our present location. Do you require anything further my Lord?” Zon, the pilot of the massive ship stated.

    “That will be all, proceed with my prior instructions. If my hunch is correct you should be expecting company shortly. Just remember what we discussed concerning Killuminati and all will fall into place.” Deliberata concluded as he shut off the connection between himself and the Stealthscrew’s pilot. “The fool will make my task so much easier, and he has no clue that his treachery will lead to my ultimate conquest.”


    “Zon, come in Zon.” a whispering voice beckoned as Zon finished activating the ship’s autopilot mode.

    “I had a feeling I’d be hearing from you Killuminati,” Zon began, “but I had assumed that what I’d be hearing were screams as Lord Deliberati’s creations tore you apart.”

    “Sorry to disappoint you, but I am very much alive Zon.” Killuminati responded. “I am far too indispensable to the cause to be executed.”

    “Or maybe you abilities at begging were underestimated by everyone.” Zon replied.

    “Enough of this banter Zon,” Killuminati stated as he entered the room and began shutting down all lines that would allow anyone outside to hear what was going on in the control room. “Tell me what our coordinates are.”

    “We have entered the Cybertronian solar system and are a little over two cycles away from Cybertron.” Zon answered.

    “And what exactly are our orders from this point?”

    “To wait, Deliberatai thinks we should just wait and observe.” Zon replied.

    “You are holding something back Zon, I can tell.” Killuminati said as he rotated his body to display the face of interrogation. “Now tell me, what is it that our leader has up his tentacles?”

    “You know very well what his plans are Killuminati.” Zon said. “Nothing has changed. We are going to reclaim our home world and prepare it for the battle with the master.”

    “You too are a fool Zon.” Killuminati replied. “The master is dead, we need not waste our talents preparing for a foolish nightmare when we could use our knowledge and abilities to create a force capable of dominating the very universe.”

    “Lofty aspirations Killuminati,” Zon replied. “How do you suppose we are to accomplish these goals?”

    “By following me.” Killuminati answered. “Deliberata is short sighted. He desire to make war with those with whom we should make our slaves. He believes that annilation is the answer; whereas the best our of action, which is of course my plan involves assimilation followed by conquest.”

    “Much like us Killuminati, your plans lacks any legs to stand on.” Zon replied. “Just how do you expect to assimilate with a race of beings who will no doubt remember us as the line that destroyed their ancesters?”

    “Quite simple my dear Zon.” Killuminati answered as he pulled out a strange device. “When on Cybertron, dress as the Cybertronians.”

    “And just what do you plan to do with that?” Zon asked.

    “Take Deliberata’s Decepticon project to the next level!” Killuminati exclaimed.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Do not play the fool with me Zon, I am well aware that you are familiar with Deliberati’s project.” Killuminati stated. “But it, much like his other plans has holes. This device will fill those holes and make our plans spring into a reality.”

    “What does it do?” Zon inquired.

    “It extracts and transfers life force,” Killuminati answered. “Technically it is a spark extractor, but I call it The Robosmasher.”

    “Robosmasher!” Zon gasped. “Just who do you plan you use this Robosmasher of yours on?”

    “Anyone who wishes to leave this forsaken ship and return to Cybertron with me to begin our conquest.” Killuminati answered.

    “So I guess you’ve drawn your line in the sand.” Zon stated.

    “Yes, I have.” Killuminati replied. The only question I have is will you join me.”

    “Something tells me I’m going to regret this, but okay. What are your instructions. Round up a couple, volunteers and meet with me in the storage facility in a quarter of a cycle. I’ll take everything from there.” Killuminati said as he left the command center. “See you soon.”


    “I got all of that Zon. I knew the fool would try to double cross me.” Deliberata said. “And just like I knew he would double cross me I knew he would come through with a way for me to enact my real plans.”

    “Should we apprehend him in the storage facility my lord?” Zon inquired.

    “No, go through with his plans fully as if you are totally committed to his goals so I can see the entirety of his scheme.” Deliberata replied. “And just to totally convince him of your loyalty steal the three prototypes from my lab as well to make your treachery look sincere.”

    “As you command my Lord.” Zon stated.

    “You are quite courageous to allow yourself to be a part of Killuminati’s Robosmasher experiment. That courage and loyalty has not gone unnoticed and will not go unrewarded.” Deliberata stated. “When he uses the Robosmasher on you, make sure that he transfers your spark into the purple powerhouse and that he does not transfer any sparks into the frame of the general. You will thank me for that when all is said and done.”

    “As you wish lord Deliberata.” Zon replied. “Who shall I take as volunteers?”

    “Break the three fools serving their sentences out of stasis and tell them of Killuminati’s plans so they can be his subjects.” Deliberata commanded. “Now go.”


    “You are late Zon!” Killuminati screamed as Zon opened the door of the storage facility.

    “Sorry, but finding volunteers for you coup wasn’t easy.” Zon answered.

    “Who said anything about volunteers?” Killuminati asked. “All I said was to bring me bodies, and it looks like you’ve done quite well in that department. He said as he gazed at his fellow quints and the three extra frames they carried with them.

    “We must hurry Killuminati.” one of the quints stated. “We stole these frames from Deliberata’s secret lab and he will surely miss them.”

    “So it looks like we have six frames and to go with only five volunteers.” Killuminati stated with the face of death staring intently at the others. “Who wants to go first?”

    “I will.” Stated Zon. “My request is that you transfer my spark into the frame of the big purple one.”

    “Which leaves you three to choose your new dwellings,” Killuminati stated. “Any requests?”

    “Yes,” one of the quints stated. “I’ll take the blue one.” and another then opened his mouth stating, “I guess I’ll take the silver one.”

    “No!” both Killuminati and Zon yelled simultaneously.

    “That one is not ready to be fitted,” Zon stated. “Deliberata was not yet finished with this model.”

    “Thank you for your in depth expertise Zon,” Killuminati said sarcastically. “But no one was going to rear that frame anyway, there’s something about its optics that just looks different to me. I say we dump it when we get to Cybertron and let the locals decide what to do with it. As for you two,” Killuminati continued. “You’ll have the pleasure of sharing nearly the exact frame that I have created for myself; behold.”

    What are they Killuminati?” everyone asked.

    “I call them seekers. And together we will be masters of the Cybertronian sky!”

    “Our time runs short Killuminati,” Zon reminded interrupting him from his self appreciation. “Let’s begin the process.”

    “Very well Zon. You first.” Killuminati stated. “All you must do is wrap your tentacles around the purple robot and shut your optics.” as Zon did just that, Killuminati hooked the Robosmasher to the robot’s head and pressed a series of buttons. In less than an astrosecond Zon’s Quintesson body had fallen over and the lone optic of the purple robot began its initial golden glow. “State your name robot.” Killuminati commanded.

    “I am Shockwave, Decepticon military commander.” it replied.

    “Excellent!” Killuminati stated with a touch of excitement and a slight tinge of fear as the sight of Shockwave brought back old memories of the mech that defeated the Quints on Cybertron long ago.

    Killuminati went through the same process with the three remaining subjects and just as Zon had done, the three subjects once transformed to their new state declared themselves. The blue one called himself Soundwave, the blue seeker called himself Thundercracker, and the black seeker declared that his title was Skywarp. All that was left was for the initiator of these transformations to have himself transformed.

    “Zon, I mean Shockwave, do the honors.” Killuminati ordered as he hooked the Robosmasher to the red seeker’s frame.

    “As you wish.” Shockwave answered.

    “I feel power!” the newly animated red seeker exclaimed as he looked out of his red optics for the first time. “It worked, and now the day of our greatest conquest is at hand. Long live the Decepticons!”

    “Long live the Decepticons!” the others echoed exuberantly.

    “What is your title?” the blue seeker inquired.

    “I am Killuminati, the leader of the Decepticons!” he answered.

    “No.” Shockwave declared. “The Decepticons are not Quintesson slaves, but a knew breed who answers only to other Decepticons. You must shed your Quintessson name and bear a title fitting of a mighty Decepticon warrior.”

    “I see your point Shockwave.” he stated. “From this point on Killuminati is no more. I am now the ruler of the skies, and my name will be Starscream!”

    “Hail Starscream,” the others seekers said as they saluted him and as both Shockwave and Soundwave glanced at one another in silence.

    “Decepticons grab that silver scrapheap and lets head for Cybertron.” Starscream commanded as the seekers grabbed the silver frame and loaded it aboard the ship Killuminati had prepared for their journey. “So begins the first chapter of the conquest of the universe.” Starscream declared as their ship exited the massive Stealthscrew into space.

    “So he calls himself Starscream.” the voice of Deliberata declared after taking in what had just transpired. “His life will be a short one.”

    “What are your commands sir?” a robotic voice behind him asked.

    “Have Droid Squad 1 follow them and attack there ship as soon as they reach Cybertronian orbit, but do not destroy them. They must live if my plans are to work. We will attack Cybertron in as soon as I receive the signal; prepare for conquest.” Deliberata said as he looked at the monitor displaying Starscream’s ship and burst into hysteric laughter.



    “What the!” Starscream yelled as a blast to the back of his ship caused his crew to plummet down into the Cybertronian atmosphere.

    “Looks like we were followed.” Thundercracker declared as he attempted to regain control of the ship.

    “Tell me something I don’t know you twit, something useful like you can stabilize our decent.” Starscream ranted.

    “Your rage is pointless Starscream,” Shockwave declared as his suddenly puzzled processor considered the situation. “Deliberata’s on to us so we must remain calm. If we lighten the load on the ship we should be able to regain control.”

    “Well let’s hurry and dump the unnecessary baggage.” Starscream replied as he glanced at large silver frame on the floor.

    “Getting rid of the weight of but one will not be sufficient,” Shockwave declared. “I will pilot the ship to a safe landing. I suggest that you take your seekers and escape to the air while Soundwave and I find our way. Once we reach a safe harbor I will forward you our coordinates.”

    “Thundercracker, Skywarp,” Starscream commanded as Soundwave and the seekers struggled at the ship’s controls, “prepare for decent, and do not transform until I give the order. We must make our escape look like a fall.”

    “As you wish Starscream.” the two responded as they hurried to the escape hatch.

    “Oh and Shockwave,” Starscream stated as he follow the two seekers who had just jumped ship. “You and Soundwave are a bit too calm in a crisis for my comfort. If I didn’t know better I’d have guessed that you two knew something like this would happen. So just to remind you who’s in charge here and to break up the segregation of the frames I engineered and those that fool Deliberata designed, I’m taking that this big tin can with me.” Starscream finished as he picked up the large idle frame much to the chagrin of Shockwave.

    “But Starscream.....” Shockwave attempted to reason before being cut off by the monotone voice of the ship’s pilot.

    “The ship has been stabilized, but it seems that the locals have picked us up on radar.” Soundwave stated.

    “Happy landing.” Starscream stated as he tossed the silver frame out of the hatch.

    “What are you doing!” Shockwave yelled.

    “Giving the locals a present and giving you two a distraction, I thought you’d be grateful.” Starscream said sheepishly. “Now you two have a happy landing, Thundercracker, Skywarp, transform and follow me.” Starscream declared upon exiting the ship.

    “What are your orders Shockwave?” Soundwave asked as he continued piloting the ship.

    “Engage the autopilot and allow the ship to descend on a crash course, in all probability the natives will intercept us and stop us from crashing.” Shockwave stated as he continued to gaze towards the hatch Starscream had just exited.

    “Autopilot initiated,” Soundwave stated. “What about the seekers?”

    “We will deal with them when the time comes.” Shockwave answered as he sat down next to Soundwave.

    “And what about us?” Soundwave inquired.

    “For now stasis, afterwards assimilation, and ultimately conquest and revenge.” Shockwave said before the bright luminescence of his lone optic dimmed.
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