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Discussion in 'Transformers Conventions and Get Togethers' started by Locke, Jun 25, 2006.

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    As someone who has never been to Botcon, I was hoping that a veteran could answer a couple questions. First, what does a general admission ticket give you access to? It's a little unclear on the official site. Is it only the sales floor, or does it give you access to the panels as well? Also, I know you can't purchase the 5-figure set, but can you buy the add-ons or get the free figure? I can live without the toys, but after last year's Hasbro panel and with the movie coming up, I'd definitely like to see this year's presentation. I'm guessing that means a protoform package, but I'd like to verify that before I register.
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    In terms of the toys you aren't guarenteed them from what I recall.

    You'd probably be able to buy them if you wished though.As IIRC Fun Productions was selling stuff at the con last year.So that means no to the free figure as that's for people who pre-registered

    With the panels,walk-ins can go to them.But priority seating goes to those with a badge.

    I suggest e-mailing Brian Savage just to make sure.But I doubt you'd have to buy the Protoform package.But talking to Brian's the ONLY way to be sure as I don't want to give out bad info

    However I do recall that even with preregistrants,there was seating room left for whoever wanted to see the panel.That includes walk-ins

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