3D Artwork: Gem Mech: The result of Hasbro's lack of QC

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    Some of you may have seen two threads recently:


    Well, Gemini is broken, and no longer runs very well. Each flip, and the wheels go out of place, as the clip for holding them in place no longer works, thanks to the inherent design of the Sandstorm mold.

    In it's place, i've been forced to make the Gem Mech. It's based on RWX-01, but it's non-transforming, in the hopes of making it more durable. It is designed with independent axles, so that all 4 wheels run independently from each other. This allows it to spin on it's back axle, and the caster wheels in front to slide during these spins. The flipper, of course, works. Since this doesn't transform, there's a pic of the actual parts involved in it's construction (it's designed to be printed in kit form), for anyone out there who might need inspiration on how 3D design works, without revealing my little secrets. ;) 

    I've already ordered one off Shapeways, in Alumide. Hopefully i got the scale right, i have a feeling it will be quite small. I hope it is smaller than the kitbash, as i want to have two in the future that will add up to about deluxe size. Currently, though, i fear it might be too small. Let's hope for the best. :) 


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