GEE WILAKERS! Armada Unicron/Assorted Movie Line/BW and various others

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    Sorry (no I'm not) had to put in the obligatory catch line.

    I have a fair collection that I am selling off. For sentimentality reasons I would like to keep them but this hobby is becoming far less manageable.

    All items are presented as mint unless otherwise stated.

    I define MINT as: barely used, no scuffing,abrasions or looseness due to use. Most of my figures have been transformed at most a handful of times, typically often enough to admire the craftsmanship before being placed in their cardboard and plastic coffins.

    What does this means in terms of packaging? No twist ties (though some may have a few.) I hate those anyways. Tape marks where opening flaps are.

    All figures that have packaging with instructions will be filled with those little styrofoam thingies you need to get rid of before static electricity forces them on: ceiling fans, book cases, co-mingling with cat hair, your mothers dresses; etc. However I tend to find them the most reliable for shipping purposes.

    Every attempt will be made to gather appropriate shipping costs, meaning I don't believe in gouging. I DO come from Canada though (and due to all the times I have been gouged for import fees perhaps that is why I am a little bitter towards the practice.) I will charge: accurate fee for shipping, considerate fee for packing materials, round up to the nearest dollar for American buyers. For Canadian buyers I add two dollars. (Before we get too deep into the reasoning for this, American exchange rate sits at about 1.1 on the Canadian dollar to 1.2 resuting in often times comparable rates. Finding the appropriate container for a box, measuring, weighing, delivering and actual packaging time is worth it I would hope.)

    For kicks, I take best offers. I considered rating the packaging price but for two reasons I decided not to.

    1) The going rate on these figures changes all the time, so my credibility for fair apprasal can change day to day.

    2) This is my comittment to fairness. No one likes to find out their product is worth far less after a bit of searching online. It is also my comittment to respecting your intelligence.

    Payment is expected on a varried basis. By paypal in an immediate fashion, by money order or cheque/check within ten business days.

    However this is the standard rule. I am alot more flexible, I just really preffer a time table.

    This is how shipping works. I ship on a Friday ideally though I do make every attempt to ship prior. Shipping occurs after payment is received. Shipping times vary based on expectation of shipping times and styles. The exception to this rule will be the dates of: Sept 4-14. All items paid for will be sent on the fourth with all orders finished between those dates completed on the fifteenth.

    All items sent are marked as gifts unless otherwise specified.

    Now, on to the figures:

    ARMADA Unicron Supreme Class
    (twist ties removed, transformed three times fully. has minicon, all packaging and instructions. Original release, full yellow.)

    UNIVERSE Cryotek
    (repaint violet/blue chromed Megatron Beast Wars Metallics 2. One small scratch in jaw, two millimeters across by 1 millimiter wide. Otherwise mint. Comes with a single blue missile, full packaging and instructions.)

    J. BEAST WARS Rampage.
    (All parts, all missiles, all instructions, all plastic bubbles and package, mint.)

    J BEAST WARS Depth Charge w. Inferno Metallics
    (My personal favorite of this line. All packaging, plastics and cards, instructions.)

    (Haven't seen this in print for awhile. One significant crease on the box though not on the display side. CD is in perfect condition however have never managed to use it. Needs some Japanese program I guess. Figures are perfect, plastic is perfect, all weapons intact. Remakes of Ultra Class Primal and Megatron done in anime accurate schemes and molds.)

    J. BEASTWARS Big Convoy
    (The ultimate shell-former. Not for your typical Transformers/Beast Wars enthusiast. This guy has a tendency for severe poppage of joints. Was described to me as mint, not certain if that is the case. One arm has a red-clear see-through shoulderpiece which tends to pop-off consistantly. Never managed to figure this guy out. The detailing however is superb, with gold chrome in some very nice places and an overall good design the mastadon alt-form. Come with instructions printed on a grade of paper that is not consistent with most releases, in a monochromatic blue. There are no securing twist ties or even places for a top cover which boggles the mind further. The exterior packaging is very nice and rivals some of the more modern releases in my opinion. The lettering as far as I can tell is Korean.)

    ULTIMATE Bumble Bee
    (No twist ties. Everything complete. Transformed once. Nice piece, big though so make sure you have a good place to put him. Neat front cover secured by a flexible string, I found that amusing. One small crease on side panel.)

    Hodge-podge leaders and voyagers set, options on how to send:
    I have: Leader Class Prime, Megatron, Brawl, Voyagers Ratchet, Ironhide, Starscream, Blackout, Medic Ratchet, Thundercracker, 08 Camaro Bumblebee, Barricade, Jazz. All of these guys have instructions. Ironhide has the most annoying problem in the world, his windshield is not secured on the little clearblue peg which is a defect on mine, it won't wreck transformation though. Leader Class prime does not have his missile. Minor paint damage for Ratchet on the shoulder, have to be looking for it. Voyager Starscream is great but for some reason tends to pop off on ball joints. Megatron has some minor kibble in the crotch area. Other than ironhide these are still very good looking pieces but I would call them used.

    Now these can be sold as a full set, but for obvious reasons I won't include their bubbles and packaging. The packaging is also far from mint in some cases anyhow.

    If sold individually I will include whatever packaging is available, this excludes deluxes.

    I will also appraise these guys since they are in used condition

    Prime: 18 dollars. overall condition is used. Full package. No missile.
    Megatron: 25 dollars. Overall condition is good to very good. Full package.
    Brawl: 20 dollars. Very good. Has only instructions.
    Starscream: 12 dollars. Condition is great. Full package.
    Thundercracker: 14 dollars. Best repaint IMO. Great condition. Full Package.
    Rescue Ratchet, Blackout, Ratchet: 12 dollars. Good-Great condition. Full package.
    Ironhide: 8 dollars. Poor Condition. Full Package.
    Barricade, Bumblebee, Jazz: 7 dollars. Good-Great condition. instructions only.

    Full Assortment of 2007 Film Figures Listed (minus Ultimate BB): 105 dollars firm. No packages All instructions and parts (minus Prime Missile.) That gives you all the big names in the film minus bone-crusher.

    This list will update.

    Drop me a line. Paypal Preff, all other methods within reason acceptable (minus black-market organs, used car parts and cake.... everybody loves cake.)
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