GDO deluxes now up on ebay with clear shots of bios

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    Hasbro Transformers Deluxe Generations GDO 2012 Autobot SPRINGER Classic Figure | eBay

    Whenever danger strikes, Springer is there to strike back.He leaps into action at a moments notice, never caring for his own safety as long as there are others to protect. His heroic nature is backed up by incredible natural fighting skills and the inborn ability to lead.

    Cliffjumper has more fight in him than any other three Autobots combined. Brash, bold and aggressive. He ignores his small size and weak armor in favor of just charging in and hoping for the best. No other Autobot has won so many fights through sheer attitude alone.
    Swerve is a genius, but you wouldn’t know it to watch him drive. He’s often so preoccupied by the analysis of whatever material he’s been given that he completely loses track of where he is and where he’s going. When he’s working on a tough problem, it’s not uncommon for him to wander aimlessly into the middle of a battle.
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