GDO Asia Exclusive Thundercracker

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    This mold should be familiar by now, so I won't go into detail on the figure, just focus on the differences between this and the previous EZ Collection Chronicle (referred to hereafter as EZCC) Thundercracker.

    The main difference obviously is the weapons - they look somewhat like traditional null-rays. The wings have been remolded to include the mounting holes, and the fists have the opening changed slightly to let him hold the weapons. The weapons will not fit on the old mold.

    Deco differences: The GDO version has a more bronze colored cockpit compared to the EZCC's gold. The GDO version has the better looking white outline faction insignia in place of the EZCC's silver. GDO version has the nosecone colored to match the feet and hands, whereas the EZCC version was the same color as the fuselage. There isn't a really noticeable version in the blue or red colors between the two versions


    The EZCC version had gloss black details on the hands, feet and shins, The GDO has a matte grey finish and leaves the shins unpainted

    Overall, this is a pretty good try - it's certainly cheaper than the EZCC version, and easier to get. If it's vital that all of your seekers match, then you might want to hold off on this one until there's a Skywarp, or get the EZCC set of seekers. But if that doesn't matter to you, then this is a great deco of a decent mold.
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