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    So I read the 1st issue of the new Galactica 1980 comic. Its a new take on the old Galactica 1980 series so it has the old cast. According to the comic, they wanted to do 1980 'right'. Did they epic fail or what.

    Now one of the complaints that people have about 1980 is the lack of most of the Galactica cast beyond Adama. With a comic, they could have still had Starbuck & Apollo around. Nope. The cast is the same as the show. Dillion, Troy & Dr. Zee there.

    Characters seem out of character. Zee suggests conquring Earth & Adama almost commits suicide. I just can't see Loren Green's Adama putting a gun to his head no matter what. Maybe the New Galactica's Adama might but not the old one.

    There are massive amounts of stupidity abound in this series. So they discover Earth from the Voyager probe & detirmine Earth isn't as advanced as Galactica's people. So Adama wants to protect them if the Cylons ever show up & Zee says they should take over. They send a couple vipers down to scout Earth & the military picks them up on radar. Now while the President is being briefed about this, the Secret Service comes in about a immediate thread. The Galactica itself is coming down right over the White House!!!!! Now I don't know if the Galactica has ever been shown to be able to fly around in an atmosphere (not counting the freefall trick from the new series) but they just spent time discussing how Earth isn't as advanced. Why fly your giant ship right over their city. Did they just decide to scare them for fun? Why not send down a shuttle to make first contact & leave the mile long ship out in space???

    Earth must have more advanced tech then Galactica knew. Seeing the huge ship hovering over them, they hit it with missles...BLOWING UP GALACTICA!!!! (Not nukes either) So do Cylons suck that much that them attacking Galactica for decades does nothing but 'puny' Earth missles destroy it? WTF

    This is all issue #1

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