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    Okay, I don't know if anybody has seen this or cares but on TF Wiki, which I know is not the best source, it lists the following:

    "The G-2 story pages ran in Comic Bom Bom from August 1995 to January 1996. The storyline was written by Hidetsugu Yoshioka and, aside from a few CG rendered characters, also provided the artwork.
    The G-2 story pages continued from where the Operation Combination storyline left off, taking place within the universe of the TV series. The G-2 story pages were supplemented by the G-2 pack-in comics, which often expanded upon particular battles."

    Now most of this is completely accurate except that the pages ran in TV Magazine, not Comic Bom Bom. While Comic Bom Bom did have G2 manga, it did not run the story pages.

    However, I am not a complete ass and know it all. My knowledge on Japanese TF continuity is good, but not absolutely perfect and my TV Magazines from this era are not reachable at this time so can one of my fellow TF Japanese continuity fans check this for me and let me know before I go and change this?

    Link to the article in question can be found here:

    G-2 (story page) - Transformers Wiki

    As a post-note even the pages they link to look like they are straight from TV Magazine, but my memory could be wrong.

    Victory Leo

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