G2 Megs, G1 Roadbuster, an Ark-load of Beast Wars

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Sunstreaker, Jun 8, 2006.

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    Got a toooon of bots to get rid of - some in great shape, some that are good only for scavenging parts from. One of the best is this G2 Megatron with working sounds and tight transformation.

    Got a bunch of G1 & Beast Wars junkers, plus a bunch of sealed toys and nearly the entire Marvel Legends Sentinel series (and one War Machine from the Galactus series w/ the Galactus leg).

    Hit the profile over here


    And go hog wild! Drop me a line if'n ya'll have questions.


    Hrmmm the profile doesn't seem to be working...No worries. My seller page is right here!

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