G1s wanted! Pretenders, AMs, Euro, and parts

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    I'm looking for the following:

    G1 Transformers figures(complete and c8 or better):

    Pretender Jazz FOUND
    Action Master Jazz
    Action Master Kick-off
    Action Master Prowl
    Action Master Snarl
    Action Master Wheeljack
    Yellow Minispy Jeep
    (I don't care which faction for Minispies as long as rub sign is intact)

    Transformers parts/accessories:

    G1/G2 Aerialbot guns (Skydive, Slingshot, and Fireflight's needed)
    G1 Technobot Lightspeed handgun
    G1 Nosecone handgun
    G1 Roadblock inner robot with unchipped right hand
    G1 Skyhammer missile unchipped
    G1 Rad figure only with good paint
    G1/G2 Trakkon Calcar cannon with intact scope
    G2 Starscream left horizontal tailfin
    G2 Rapido gun
    G2 Windbreaker gun
    G2 Manta Ray/Leadfoot blue rotor x2
    G2 Powerdive/Ransack red rotor x2
    G2 Grimlock sword (is this different than G1?)

    Longshots, but worth a try:

    Euro Action Master Figures:

    Action Master Circuit
    Action Master Powerflash
    Action Master Rumbler
    Action Master Sideswipe
    Action Master Tracks
    Action Master Elite Omega Spreem
    Action Master Elite Windmill

    Euro Late G1

    Constructicon Bonecrusher (gray canopy)
    Constructicon Hook (gray hook)
    Constructicon Long haul (G1 purple w/G2 yellow, from same set as others listed)
    Constructicon Mixmaster (gray or yellow barrel)
    Constructicon Scavenger (gray shovel arm)
    Constructicon Scrapper (gray canopy)
    Skyquake (unbroken/uncracked, boxed is okay...or an undamaged figure with or without all missiles - must have gun)
    Turbomaster Scorch
    Turbomaster Hurricane
    Turbomaster Rotorstorm
    Obliterator Pyro/Spark
    Lightformer Ironfist
    Lightformer Deftwing


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