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    Hi guys,

    Please forgive me if I drop a boob anywhere here but I’m new to all this and I might make a clanger or 2 !

    I’ve got the following G1 weapons and micromasters to trade for the ones I want on the second part of the list. All references to left or right are as if you are looking at the figure head on. They’re all in excellent condition unless otherwise stated.
    Anything to trade just PM me. Alternatively if anyone in particular has a load of the parts I’m after and we can hammer out a price, I’m more than happy to buy them directly from you. Thanks !


    Devastator chest shield
    Streetwise large gun
    Ravage right cannon
    Flywheels gun
    G2 bruticus chest shield
    Cloudburst gun
    Sinnertwin large gun
    Hotspot hose (complete)
    Breakdown large gun
    Hook handgun
    Soundwave battery clip
    Blast off right gun
    Flattop large gun
    Sixgun gun
    Fireflight gun
    Defensor right chest shield
    2 x Jetfire missiles
    1 x Scrapper handgun
    1 x Scavenger handgun
    2 x Optimus prime missiles
    1 x Devastator handgun
    1 x Tracks missiles
    1 x Decepticon clones Bayonet


    Tailspin : Micromaster sports car patrol
    Roadhugger (Purple) Decepticon sports car patrol
    Night flight (bit loose)
    Flak (battle patrol green tank)
    Retro & surge from autobot missile launcher

    Parts I’m after :

    Micromaster construction Patrol : Groundpounder (Orange Bulldozer)
    Crumble (Crane)

    Micromaster autobot air patrol : Eagle Eye
    Blaze master (with Rotors)
    Micromaster Race track patrol : Roller force
    Ground hog
    Reflector instructions
    Soundwave instructions
    Microx reflector missile
    2 x Perceptor missiles

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