G1 TV series on blu-ray in Japan

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    SD on Blu? Depending how it's done, the results could be interesting. The TF DVDs suffer from some horrible compression (esp S2 &3) so just eliminating that would improve the overall PQ. I've been deconstructing and remaking scenes from the G1 toon for my YT vids, and even within a single shot you'll get a massive variation in quality. A lot of the soft frames, blemishes and instability are inherited from the film source, so will probably always be there (unless the original film negs were found and rescanned, which seems very unlikely), but digital artifects from the DVD process are widespread too. Check out these two frames (taken from the same shot):
    vlcsnap-02559.png vlcsnap-02564.png
    On Blu-ray, both should look like the one on the right. There are more obvious examples, but this just happens to be what I'm working on at the moment (I take the best looking frame and use that as a constant background).
    Here's a more dramatic example:
    vlcsnap-00402.png vlcsnap-00404.png
    I agree, the marketing of a SD series on Blu is vital. I love seeing vintage tv in HD (Trek, Twilight Zone, The Prisoner etc) but there are releases that feel like a cheat, such as the Doctor Who TVM you mention (somebody who didn't know that the original film negs are lost might have bought the BR reasonably expecting a HD version). Similarly, while Thunderbirds and UFO look spectacular on Blu-ray, Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks recently got a HD release which looks barely up to what you might expect from a standard DVD (an improvement over the old DVD release of the series, sure, but only because that looked like a VHS transfer!).
    As a final observation, the masters which were used for the DVDs will already be higher quality than what any of the disc releases have been, partly due to the aforementioned DVD compression. But also, for us in the UK, our PAL system means we already get a slightly better PQ than the US NTSC release, for example.

    Japanese versions on Blu in SD I'm not tempted by, but it would be nice to see the original uncompressed masters get a release one day.
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