G1 TRU Comm. Series MISB Thundercracker and Skywarp

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    Hey guys,

    I was just about to put these guys up on ebay, and i thought, "hey, why not see if anyone on TFW wants them?" This is my first time posting anything for sale here. my ebay user name is mikehalper1x, feedback is 100%, rating of 85.

    I have one MISB TRU Commemorative Series IV Skywarp and one MISB TRU Commemorative Series III Thundercracker.

    Boxes are in fantastic shape; sharp corners, no fading, tears, scrapes, dings, etc. Both boxes have sealed single-tape at the top and bottoms. obviously, never opened.

    Here are pics.



    I'm looking for $35/each shipped (US only), first class, well packaged.

    If someone wants both, I'll do $65 shipped for both.

    You can send me a check or money order (ship after cleared), or through paypal as a gift.

    If you're international, PM me and we can talk. I can't guarantee anything, as it's difficult for me to get to the post office for quotes and whatnot, but we can try.



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