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    My Made up Bot for G1

    This is Deadpool(comics),Maxwell Smart,and a repaited Tankor (octane you fool...)Sorry Octane put together.

    This is a Spy with the ability to copy the enemy form and has every weapon power and uhh... other stuff he can get his hands on.

    He has a very funny and goofy personality like Max from Get Smart.He can make a crack in battle like Deadpool.He can also try to get Fembots so if you have a fanfiction you are working on plese put him in it please i beg you this is my first fan character.

    Mmatere's Tankor boxart removed

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    Aww... please ask Mmatere for permission to post that, after reading your bio for trickster i was really hoping to see it! Solve this little matter and re post, please...? :D 

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