G1 Transformers & weapons for trade

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    Check out my trade list at www.action-figures.ca. Here is what I am looking for (complete unless noted)


    Barrage Insecticon figure only
    Gnaw (have handgun)

    Throttlebot Rollbar
    Squalktalk & Beastbox cassettes
    Cyclonus Targetmaster
    Scourge Targetmaster (need figure only)
    Fortress Maximus

    Fizzle Sparkabot
    Dogfight Triggerbot
    Scoop Targetmaster
    Landfill Targetmaster
    Quake Targetmaster
    Spinster Targetmaster
    Needlenose Targetmaster
    Hosehead Headmaster
    Siren Headmaster
    Fangry Headmaster (have rifle)
    Squeezeplay Headmaster (have rifle)
    Getaway Powermaster (have rifle)
    Cloudburst Pretender
    SkullGrin Pretender
    Submarauder Pretender
    Groundbreaker Pretender
    Sky High Pretender
    Spashdown Pretender
    Iguanus Pretender (have robot)
    Bugly Pretender (have 1 photon rifle)
    Finback Pretender (have robot)
    Chainclaw Pretender Beast
    Catilla Pretender Beast
    Carnivac Pretender Beast (have handgun)
    Snarler Pretender Beast
    Roadgrabber Pretender Vehicle

    Off Road Patrol
    Greasepit Station
    Hot House Station
    Airwave Station
    Skyhopper Base
    Groundshaker Base
    Monstructor Combiner
    Double Header
    Bumblebee Pretender
    Grimlock Pretender
    Starscream Pretender
    Jazz Pretender
    Vroom Pretender
    Thunderwing Pretender
    Crossblades Pretender
    Skyhammer Pretender
    Roadblock Pretender

    I am also looking for most other G1 Transformers from 1990 and up

    G1 Parts & Accessories:
    Reflector shutter gun, missile (2)*
    Mirage launcher
    Ratchet red gun post
    Jetfire right leg clip
    Onslaught left foot (light silver)
    Razorclaw blaster
    Divebomb Predaking right fist
    Tantrum sword, gun (1)
    Metroplex Scamper gun
    Trypticon Full Tilt gun, single radar dish
    Scorponok Fast Track left arm, radar dish 2 & 3 (I have the TV & robot head ones)
    Apeface rifle
    Slugslinger Caliburst
    Horri-Bull rifle
    Seacon black stand connector piece
    Quickswitch rifle (2)
    Grandslam rocket (2), gun
    Pincer Pretender stun rifle, left claw arm
    Waverider Pretender axe
    Gunrunner Pretender plasma missile
    Nightbeat Headmaster photon pistol, Muzzle
    Quake Targetmaster cannon, Heater, Tiptop
    Quickmix Targetmaster Boomer
    Doubledealer Powermaster chestplate
    Micromaster Ironworks missile
    Micromaster Roughstuff double missile turret
    Micromaster Metro Squad Oiler & Slide
    Micromaster Astro Squad Phaser & Blast Master
    Micromaster Air Strike Patrol Tailwind, Wisper
    Micromater Battle Patrol Sunrunner
    Micromaster Rescue Patrol Stakeout, Red Hot, Sea Watch right arm
    Micromaster Sports Car Patrol Detour, Hyperdrive, Blackjack

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