G1 Transformers boxes needed

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    Hi friends

    Im looking for these boxes and inserts from g1, do you have any:

    - Jazz, skids, metroplex encore boxes with inserts
    - Rodimus prime japanese reisse box and insert (like original g1)
    - Powermaster optimus prime japanese reissue
    - Shrapnell, kickback, bombshell ko boxes with inserts
    - Prowl and smokescreen ko boxes and inserts
    - Ramjet, dirge, thrust boxes with inserts
    - Scorponok, triggerhappy, slugslinger, misfire, darkwing, apeface, snapdragon boxes with inserts
    - Astrotrain, broadside, sandstorm box with insert
    - Perceptor, blaster, ultra magnus, kup, blurr, pointblank, sureshot, jetfire box and insert
    - Tracks, hound, inferno, grapple box with insert
    - Weirdwolf, mindwipe, skullcrusher, chromedome, hardhead, brainstorm, highbrow box and insert
    - Punch and counterpunch, decepticons and autobots clones boxes and inserts

    For sale or trade:

    Skywarp pre rub sign complete c8
    Thundercracker hasbro reissue MIB
    Ironhide original boxed, figure c8 box c4/5
    Hasbro insecticons reissue complete
    Blaster , figure only c6
    Scattershot reissue complete c9 with computron parts
    Afterburner reissue c9 without guns
    Nosecone reissue c9 without guns
    Strafe reissue c9 complete
    Starscream movie leader HFTD MISB
    Octane ko figure, c9 condition without gun
    Sunstreaker ko figure c8 condition incomplete
    Springer ko figure c9 condition incomplete
    Beachcomber c9
    Cyclonus original usa box with insert c8
    Prowl hasbro reissue box with insert
    Red alert hasbro reissue box with insert
    Bluestreak hasbro reissue box with insert
    Optimus prime hasbro reissue box with insert
    Blades for spares
    Runabout c6 without gun
    Buzzsaw original c9 complete
    Ravage original c9 complete
    Mirage ko reissue c9 without guns
    Deluxe mib figures from 1st movie
    Voyager mib figures from 1st movie
    Optimus prime animated voyager mib
    Blitzwing animated voyager mib
    Grimlock animated voyager mib
    MP Rodimus prime usa version misb

    I really wanna trade/sell these stuff for g1 boxes so send me offers :) 

    Also i have done some deluxe boxes but the problem is the printing paper, any suggestions? Or does anyone sell custom g1 boxes?

    Cheers to you all

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