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Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Sound Blaster, May 30, 2010.

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    OK I had a G1 Trailbreaker as a kid but stupidly sold it years ago now I am trying to get him back for a decent price...I've seen him go complete betwenn $40-90.....Was he rare or something?

    I guess I'm not getting it because I've gotten G1 Megatron and others complete for less than certain G1 Autobots (Wheeljack,Sunstreaker etc.)

    These are the real issue and not with a box but they are LOOSE

    I got into a bidding war with some tool who retracted his bid for a Trailbreaker than went for over $100 loose...thank god someone outbid me though...Are these just people who don't have a clue or are maybe shill bidding on their own stuff?

    :wtf:  I just don't get it....
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    Sometimes people loose their head, sometimes there's shill bidding, or maybe just maybe they had a complete collection of 84-85 cars aside from Trailbreaker.

    If you're not fussy about the fact it wasn't made in Japan, you could pick up the Encore version cheap and easily.

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