G1 TFs, Newer G1-Style TFs, and Randoms For Sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by kbroz, May 9, 2010.

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    I have a few things for sale. I will get pictures later, but feel free to make me an offer. I am not looking for trades right now:

    -Original Japanese G1 Deszaras: complete with both chest animals, gun, tail, etc. Bird also has guns. Has some discoloring of the gold parts. - MAKE OFFER

    -G1 Rodimus Prime: complete, good shape. - $20

    -G1 Target Master Hot Rod: complete with TM - $50

    -G1 Power Master Double Dealer: complete with missile, bat, and engine robot. - $35

    -G1 Grimlock: has sword and gun, no missile launcher. - $30

    -G1 Slag: has missile launcher, gun, and sword. No missiles. - $25

    -G1 Target Master Quake: both TM, no tank cannon. - $15

    -G1 Hoist: complete. - $20

    -Robotmaster Starscream: has silver missile launcher/chest pieces, both arm guns. - $15

    -Robotmaster Optimus Prime: has gun, does not have extra fists. - $10

    -G1 Seacon manta ray. The name escapes me. He has no guns, accessories. - $5

    -G1 Encore Re-issue Japanese Optimus Prime: box was opened, but everything is complete and in the box still. - $50

    -Wal-Mart version of Masterpiece Skywarp: complete, no box. - $10

    -G1 mini-bots: Powerglide, Outback (with gun), Huffer, Tailgate, Seaspray, Warpath, Swerve, Cliffjumper, and the blue truck (Brawn? The name escapes me.).

    -Modern version of Target Master Cylconus: with TM. - $15

    -Transformers Animated Blitzwing: no missiles. - $10

    -Transformers Animated Wreck-Gar. - $10

    -Transformers Animated Grimlock: with sword. - $10

    -DC Universe: new Green Arrow, with all arrows, bow, and back pack. - $8

    -DC Universe: Mantis: Super Powers robot version - $8

    -Retro Cloth Re-Issue Planet of the Apes: Soldier Ape with gun and Galen. - $15 for both

    -G1 Japanese Re-Issue Movie Color Galvatron: has gun, cannon, and Matrix of Leadership. This is the purple version. - $30

    -G1 Knockoff Mini-Devestator: complete, original green version. - $10

    -G1 Knockoff Mini-Menasor: has two Computron limbs and two Menasor limbs. This is how they were made for some reason. - $10

    E-mail me if you are interested in anything. I will get pictures soon. Or make me an offer. Local pickup available in Southern California and I can ship.

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