G1 Tec specs and instructions for sale

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    Hi guys and gals,

    got a few for sale. PM me if interested in any. Will try and get some pics up later, but if you want a specific pic LMK and I can get some close ups for you. Shipping is extra and depending on how you want them sent (envelope, bubble envelope, or small box). will give some discounts on larger purchases




    Astrotrain excellent shape $4
    Blitzwing excellent shape $4
    Bombshell excellent shape $4
    Divebomb very nice shape $5
    Dreadwind nice shape $8 ON HOLD JASON B
    Hotspot very nice shape $5
    Jazz a little wrinkly $2
    Jetfire very nice shape $8
    Kickback excellent shape $4
    Metroplex okay shape, bilingual with french, one tear on the folded interior area but could be easily with tape, $1.50
    Mirage nice $3
    Motormaster nice $4
    Onslaught nice shape $4
    Shockwave very nice $9
    Shrapnel excellent shape $4
    Shrapnel good shape $1.50
    Sideswipe very nice $4
    Swoop excellent shape $5
    Ultra Magnus very nice shape $4
    Ultra Magnus good shape with one tear in step three $1.50

    TEC SPECS: All of these are G1:

    Air Strike Patrol #2 close cut on the top , overall good card $.75

    Axer cut close on the bottom, includes power plans on left side and robot points on left side, heavily creased in half $.50

    Banzai-Tron good cut all around very nice $1

    Barrage nice card except picture is torn in top left hand corner, can't read Decepticon, only see con otherwise great $.75

    Blurr Target Master dots 95% around, even has robot points and UPC, a couple of small spider creases $5 ON HOLD JASON B

    Breakdown nice card, cut a little close on top and bottom in spots $1.00

    Broadside whole back of box, big tear from the bottom to the top and chunk missing $.50

    Bugly cut close by picture and on top, 3-4 pieces of tape through the strength and intelligence part (still clear tape, no yellowing or rips, don't ask me why they put the tape there) $.75

    Buzzsaw #1 very very nice, can see dots around 90% of the card no creases or stains $2.50

    Buzzsaw #2 good cut all around, $2

    Cloudburst dots around half of spec, cut a little close on bottom part otherwise very nice $1.50

    Dead End good card, cut close in spots on bottom, $1.00

    Flywheels close cut on the top above the spec, and a piece that has been torn off that is v shaped on the top right hand corner $.50

    Frenzy #2 bad cut along the bottom in a couple of spots, tape residue along the top between name and decepticon $.50

    Grimlock cut close all the way around, bad cut on the bottom right, missing 1/2 of the first box on the bottom, some corner dings, spider creases $.75

    Hubcap nice cut all around, looks a little faded (not shiney) $1

    Icepick good cut, some spider creases $1.75

    Jetfire cut close on top and bottom, no creases, $3

    Longhaul cut a little close, some warpage, and again new line drawn for his tec spec in ink pen $.25

    Metroplex, dots around 3 sides, has a small crease on picture and another vertically through name and function $2.00

    Nautilator cut a little close on bottom, otherwise excellent shape $1.50

    Off Road Patrol #1 FULL Cardback, creased in half horizontally (not through the tec spec), crease diagonally across the picture of the team, spider creases $.50

    Off Road Patrol #2 dots all around (even has robot points still attached), one bad crease going from top to bottom at the cooperation point of the spec, $.75

    Powerglide cut close on bottom, nice overall $1.00

    Punch-Counter Punch cut a little close on the top right half, one tear about 3/4 inch long through the nt of counterpunch (still has robot points attached) some spider creases $1.00 ON HOLD JASON B

    Quake dots all around, some spider creases, one very small crease lower right hand corner (looks like it was dropped on the corner when it still had a toy attached) $1.50

    Race Car Patrol dots around 60%, very nice shape $1.50

    Ravage #2 good cut, a crease in the middle (not noticable from the front) $1.25

    Ravage #3 good cut all around, no creases, but does have a few stain drops on the bio part (looks like someones burger squirted juice in a few spots) $.75

    Rumble #1 excellent card, dots all around only problem is a stain spot on the very top right above the ble in rumble $1.50

    Rumble #2 good card, cut a little close on the bottom in a spot or two, crease in the middle, $1

    Seawing cut a little close on bottom and right side, otherwise good shape $1.00

    Scoop #2 very bad, bad cut on the bottom where it cuts into the spec area, rip on the top, $free with order

    Sideswipe #2 cut close all around, creases, drew over existing tec line in pen $free with order ON HOLD JASON B

    Slapdash decent cut all around, pen connecting the dots / lines on the tech part $.50

    Slugfest good cut all around, some spider creases $1.75

    Soundwave good cut, but has a rip from the top left corner diagonally through the first word of his motto, $1

    Thundercracker cut close on top and bottom, has small tear on bottom of picture (all still there, just rises up a little) $1.00

    Triggerhappy excellent card, has dots all around and even has points and UPC still attached $3

    Trypticon whole back of box, folded in half, ripped through his description, creases on picture $.50 ON HOLD JASON B

    Vortex cut close all around, some creasing $.50

    Wildrider good card, cut close in spots on bottom, $1.00

    Windcharger dots all around, very nice card $1.50

    G2 Terradive FULL CARD $2.00
    G2 Turbofire FULL CARD $2.00
    G2 Windrazor FULL CARD $2.00
    G2 Spark Instructions very nice shape $1.00
    G2 Colossus Instructions very nice shape $1.00
    G2 Air Raid Insturctions very nice $1.00

    Machine wars Soundwave tec spec $.50
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