G1 Story..would this be a belivable way?

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    Oki, I put together a history of Cybertron, taking things from the cartoon and made it into a way that it might could have been going down. I have not taken into the comic way and therefore left Unicron and Primus outside of this. By all means correct me, or give some critic on this, it was merely an idea of how I see it. Sure there will be gaps and overall hugh jumps but I still find it reasonable.

    Cybertron History

    •The Quientessons lands on the planet Cybertron by the time know only as XY-4563 for its rich sources of minerals and metals. The Quientessons starts to build on the planet and to help them on their way they use their extreme skills in creating work drones.

    •Building is going as planned and for several thousands of years and nothing but construction is made on the planet making all of its surfaces covered in the very rich metal know as cybrox. This metal is basically what the planet consist of and that makes it easy for the Quientessons to harvest and use for their building.

    •Evolution in the drone building is advancing though research and the drones get more intelligent and stronger. The Quintessons starts to use drones for their games and amusement in cruel ways.

    •The high order of the Quientessons name the planet a new name, Cybertron.

    •A rare disease spreads though out Cybertron and kills most of the Quintessons except a small group that seems to be immune, speculation of genocide is recorded in old archives files found later but nothing supports this theory. The remaining Quintessons now take control of the planet and use the drones to maintain it.

    •The Quintessons wants new and smarter drones and therefore creates a super intelligent computer to program the drones to think in small bits for them self. The computer is more powerful that the Quintessosn thought it would be and names it Vector Sigma.

    •The drones are branded into two factions when created, the red mark for work drones and the purple marked drones for combat on other planets. The drones from both marked factions get used in the Quintessons amusement.
    •The drones start to show sign of evolution and their own conciseness, this is not to the liking of the Quints and destroys those examples but the seed is set in motion.

    •The Quints starts to believe that there is a chance of a massive uprising if more bots become concisenesses and creates their own personal guards, known as Sharkticons.

    •The creation of the first Omega Sentinel is starts and is a put into guard duty.

    •First group of drones from both factions escape and starts the first groupe of freedom fighters, lead by A3.

    •Many years of battle against the Quints the drones stand victories and lead by A3 they make the Quintessons flee the planet with their sharkticons.

    •The drones take over the planet and start to work for themselves without any rulers and starts to call themselves bots.

    •The purple faction bots are getting bored and their combat programming is kicking in. They want to rule, they want to lead and a small group of bots starts the first known faction as the Cons, a faction that would later become know across the universe as the Decepticons.

    •The bots try to make the Decepticons listen to reason but that is a futile attempt.

    •More bots from the purple faction joins and by this time civil war breaks out against the two sides.

    •The bots that has no combat programming needs to find alternate ways to compete against the evil cons. A3 discovers the ways to transform, and the first simple ways of transforming takes place.

    •The war rages on and during battle A3 is wounded fatally but is made into a new body and with the help of vector sigma Alpha Trion is created.

    •The constructacons wants to try and end the war and thinks that what is needed is a strong leader, and starts to work and build as what would become Megatron.

    •The newly created Megatron however wants total domination and sees himself as the supreme master of the whole planet of Cybetron. He with the help of old blueprints and help from unknown sources creates the “deception turnaround programming machin”, many bots fall victim for this machine, the most memorable one was the constructacons.

    •Megatron escalates the war and during this time woundly damages Orion Pax who is then taken to alpha Trion by the Airialbots (sent back in time) and Optimus Prime is created.

    •After this both side struggle for dominans for many many years until the….well the rest we know.

    Well.... ?
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    Pretty cool! :thumb 
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    you lost me
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    I have never liked the idea that they are pre programmed to be Autobot or Decepticon. I know that's from the cartoon, I just like the idea that they choose to fight with one or the other.

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