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Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Grimmjow, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, I'm looking into making a Soundwave costume for homecoming week at my high school. One of the day themes is character day, & I thought Soundwave would be one of the easiest, coolest, & most recognizable characters to do, but...I have no effing clue HOW to pull this off. If it matters, I have about a month to put it together. I'd appreciate some tips & hints & whatnot. This is my senior year, so I want my last character day costume to be spectacular & I want my last homecoming to be the best. In case anyone cares to know, freshman year I was The Terminator, sophomore year I was Shadow The Hedgehog(I guess a human version though), & junior year I was Ichigo Kurosaki in his human form. First one was a fail(people though I was some dude from grease because my mom wouldn't give me the right hairstyle), Shadow was more successful but still a fail(some idiots thought I was Mickey Mouse...dunno why. but plenty dunno who Shadow is), Ichigo was the most successful because pretty much everyone realized I was an anime dude even if they had no idea who...although one person said I looked like I could've been The Riddler from the OLD Batman movies...but anyways, Soundwave is probably more recognizable than all of those, but also a good deal more complicated. So PLEASE help me make this great. Help me make this costume be one that will be REMEMBERED.
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    I have started planning out my own g1 Sound costume. Mine is more elaborate with electronics but you don't have that kind of time. Make it out of cardboard, different types of foams, and plenty of hot glue. Grab a cheap baseball helmet to use as a base for the head. Best advice is to use what you have, don't go out and buy a bunch of stuff if it is just for something like this. Talk to your local grocer, they areusually throwing out cardboard boxes they will be happy to give to you. Styrofoam is easy to come buy and works well for adding structure to the build

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