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    Has anyone else noticed that the Classic/Generations Seeker Missile Launchers' pegs fit perfectly into a vintage G1 seekers slots? I'm not sure if the Henkei ones fit as well. As I do not own one.

    So heres what I'm thinking. The Classics' Missile Launcher is more cartoon accurate then the g1 release in my opinion. Plus, the launcher can actually launch its missiles alot better then the g1 release.

    I think it would be prity neat to mold together the tip and shaft of a Reissue g1 Seeker Missile with the peg part of a Classics' Missile. So that it will work with a Classics' Launcher. That then could be put onto G1 or Classic etc.

    Below is a mock up I did using lol Paint with pictures I grabbed from google pictures/tfu. I basically just cut and pasted the missiles together.

    If I do decide to go this way. Additional modifications I'd do, would be to fill in the vents remaining on the classic's missile. As I do not think they are that aesthetically pleasing. Plus I would add a fin onto the opposite side of the launcher to give it a more asymmetrical apperance.

    Whether I were to keep the firing mechanism intact or not. I'm not sure if I would eleminate the nob at the back of the launcher. I would eleminate that nob once I figured away to keep the firing mechanism and keep the launcher from falling apart.

    With all that said, just taking the generations trusts missile's and launchers and placing them onto a vintage g1 trust looks Awsome!

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