G1 Seacons released by GiG in Italy? Individually, as a giftset, at all?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Nevermore, Jul 30, 2008.

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    While updating the Wiki article about G1 Overbite to include information on the "Jawbreaker" name oddity from the UK comics, I thought it'd make sense to include a brief blurb about the Italian release and its own unique variant name.

    Well... and then I realized that I had actually no information about the toy's Italian release. In fact, I had never seen any evidence that the G1 Seacons were released in Italy at all. But then I found blurbs in the wiki's articles about the other Seacons claiming that the Italian Piranacon giftset included Nautilator, who was missing from the American giftset. So, there must be evidence for an Italian release somewhere, right?

    Fred's Worldwide Giftset List features a lot of Italian giftsets... but no Seacons.

    FortMax dug out this Italian fan's collection, whch includes all known giftsets big GiG... and yet the only Seacon giftsets are the US and Japanese versions.

    So, can anyone confirm whether the G1 Seacons were released in Italy in any capacity or not? Do we have any Italian fans here?

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