G1 Red and Purple Decoys for sale

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    Clearing out a few last G1 TF items...

    G1 Warpath [$7.00] complete with card. Warpath is in 8/10 shape, very good condition. Card is about 5/10.

    Decoys (all U.S. models in red and/or purple). These are all in great shape. They went right into a box when I got them and there they sat for the past 20+ years.

    $5.00 Each or 5 for $20.00

    Want them all? Make an offer. Open to reasonable offers and negotiation.

    AUTOBOTS (red)

    6. Ratchet
    16. Red Alert
    17. Hound
    24. Brawn
    25. Windcharger
    29. Blaster
    30. Perceptor

    DECEPTICONS (purple)

    35. Starscream
    36. Soundwave
    37. Blitzwing
    38. Astrotrain
    40. Shrapnel
    43. Scavenger
    49. Ravage
    51. Shockwave
    52. Reflector

    Shipping will depend on how many you want. I can send any number of them to U.S. addresses using USPS Priority Flat rate for $4.95.

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