G1 Ratbat painted or stickered, which is worth more?

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by ExtremeGz, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I won a G1 Ratbat from wheeljackslab....which he screwed me by sending a stickered ratbat in a poorer condition that what was pictured in my auction. (way poorer) So, I sent it back....but this time he sends me a better conditioned ratbat than that one but it is the painted one? From what I have read...the gold weapons go with the stickered ratbat, and the silver ones go with the painted one, is this right? And if so....then did I get shafted again as now I have the painted ratbat with gold weapons? Which ratbat is worth more? Painted or Stickered?

    Or does it much matter that I got the painted or stickered....or should I just shut up and get on with my life.....oh, and never buy from him again?

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    I'd say it's mostly a matter of personal taste. Do you want the first release or second?
    Quote from Fred's Workshop "He came in either the sticker decal version with silver weapons, or the "gold" edition with painted details."
    Sticker version believed to be first release.
    Personally, I keep both but I like the look of painted better, as long as paint is unblemished.

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