G1 Predaking and Headmaster Squeezeplay

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    EDIT: Both Predaking and Squeezeplay are sold; thanks!

    My apologies for making a new thread; I wanted the title to reflect Predaking and Squeezeplay. Thanks!

    Prices do not include shipping. I accept paypal only. Buyer is reponsible for paypal fees.

    All Prices are OBO; feel free to make an offer :) 

    G1 PREDAKING!!! All plastic except for Razorclaw. Here's the skinny: In order to complete my Predaking I ended up with extra bots. Divebomb (figure) (C8), Rampage(C8), and Headstrong(C7) are all in good shape. Tantrum's neck has been glued and will likely break if taken out of combiner mode, otherwise C7. Divebomb's wings have scratches and oxidation on screws. Razorclaw is a junker overall with a broken shoulder cannon, broken tab where one leg connects (I have the piece and will include it. I believe if glued that it would hold combinded mode OK) and one broken tab inside the hole where Divebomb connects (I have had no problems with this holding Divebomb in however). I am trying to get back what I have in these figures. $60 Plus Shipping.


    G1 Transformers Squeezeplay and Lokos:
    Doesn't look as if the figure was ever played with; light rusting on screws otherwise excellent shape. No paint wear that I could notice on the HM faces.[/color] $30 plus shipping.


    M.A.S.K. Lot of figures, masks and a backpack/flightpack - Best Offer


    Hit me up if you have anything to trade.


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