G1 Parts Needed for Repair - I HAVE A TON OF JUNKERS TO TRADE ALSO

Discussion in 'The Junk Pit' started by Vanguard, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Oct 24, 2011
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    G1 Parts needed for Repair
    Barrage left rear leg
    Blast off (junker with tight arms)
    Brainstorm canopy
    Chop Shop most rear left leg
    Fireflight right wing
    Galvatron purple waist ā€œCā€ thing
    Hardhead gauge cover
    Highjump (from Off Road Patrol) rear wheels part
    Hoist entire orange rig thing
    Inferno ladder
    Ironhide cab
    Ironhide left arm
    Jetfire white tailfin area/part
    Mirage front part x2 & unbroken rear blue plastic parts
    Needlenose vertical tailfin x3
    Onslaught (junker with tight legs)
    Overbite dorsal fin, tail, and left foot
    Powermaster Prime Cab feet
    Powermaster Prime Trailer hookup/peg
    Quake turret gun
    Ramjet canopy x2
    Skyhopper front right opening part & both fold out ramps(part of figure, not accessory)
    Skyhopper left fold out ramp (part of figure, not accessory)
    Skystalker wings and rear hinge piece (maybe more)
    Skywarp canopy, nosecone, and both turbines
    Smokescreen (junker w/ intact left rear window hatch)
    Wheelie canopy x2
    Wheeljack canopy
    Wildfly mask x2
    Wreckgar back tire and front wheel w/ tire

    Cybertron Shockwave front half of jet mode

    As the title says, I have a lot of junker G1 bots that I would be more than willing to trade for. Contact me for what specifically you need, and I'll see what I can find.


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