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    ...for the parts I need! Right now, I need a Lightspeed handgun, a Nosecone handgun, and a Scattershot shoulder gun. I also need a Groundshaker Micromaster jet figure with good stickers and unstressed fins. Each of these needs to be genuine and unbroken. I don't mind a little scuffing, but no chew marks or stress marks.

    I am NOT selling these parts. Please do not ask what I want for them. I already said what I want for them.

    With the jerk part out of the way, here's the nice part - I will give you 2 for 1, possibly 3 for 1, for the each of the three parts I need, and certainly trade in your favor for the MM! Just tell me what you want, tell me you have the part or parts I need, and we'll most likely have a deal!

    Please PM or email me (this username @yahoo.com). I will probably not see further posts in this thread.

    Here's my list:

    Blackout (Micromaster) – pair of wings
    Blitzwing – gun, sword
    Bluestreak – left missile launcher
    Bonecrusher – gun
    Devastator – rifle, waist connector, left hand, right forearm, head laser
    Fireflight - gun
    Flywheels - gun
    Groundbreaker – large gun
    Ironhide/Ratchet – missile
    Jetfire – right booster
    Optimus Prime (original) – black missile, gas nozzle
    Optimus Prime (Powermaster) - head, black gun, gray gunX2, back panel(intact with good sticker)
    Overrun – helicopter tail, helicopter body, handgun
    Roadbuster –linear blaster gun, rear green panel of jeep(clips on, has big X in the middle)
    Shockwave - gunbarrel
    Shockwave (Action Master) – body(some paint wear), partner arm
    Soundwave - missile
    Skids – double laser
    Skydive - gun
    Skystalker – large double-barrel gun, small gun, left wing (minor stress on hinge,not close to breaking or anything)
    Skywarp – missile launcher
    Snarl – gun
    Snarler - gun
    Trailbreaker/Hoist – double missile
    Ultra Magnus – chestpiece X2, rear trailer door half(the white piece that opens on the back and becomes a shin decoration)
    Waverider - belt

    Beast Wars:
    Megatron hip missile pair x2
    TM2 Megatron kneecap
    Polar Claw bat/paw

    G1 figures (NOT PART OF 3 FOR 1):
    Bombshell, complete (c8)
    Micromaster Japanese chase Sixbuilder green crane X2 sealed in baggie
    Shrapnel, complete (c8)
    World’s Smallest Ramjet, complete (unofficial toy)

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