G1 Original Takara Predacons - MIB

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by faustx, Sep 28, 2009.

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    So I'm saving for a new surf trip and I've decided to sell one of my most prized Transformers collection sets.

    The set is G1 original Takara released Japanese boxed version of the Predacons (forming Predaking), each in their own C7/C8+ box, with foam and all accessories, intact windows, weapons and paperwork. I believe stickers are applied and properly so. There are no cutouts on these boxes. Think about how rare it is to see even one of these guys in box, let alone the whole set, let alone the Japanese version of the whole set. My set is the only set I've ever seen.

    It is being carefully stored in an acid free box in the top shelf of the closet awaiting a serious new owner who wants a top of the line collection piece.

    I'm asking $550 + shipping, which is what I paid for it, and a very good deal on a very rare G1 set.

    PM me only if serious please, and no lowballs...there's no rush and this set is not getting any less rare.

    Clearly, you will want detailed pics before purchase, many references and to deal via Paypal to protect us both...no problem on all counts...first request will yield pics within 24 hours.


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