G1 Optimus Prime MIB FS W/Pics

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Snake Eater, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Hey everybody. I haven't posted on these forums in quite some time but today I am offering the single nicest G1 Optimus Prime toys that I have ever owned. I have for sale a vintage and original authentic G1 Transformers Autobot Commander Optimus Prime. He is 100% complete w/foam insert, fists, missiles, gun, roller, etc. Nothing is broken and everything works as it should. The trailer is in great shape and the stickers are nice and rollers launch thing works great. The rear door is nice and the hinges are in nice shape not cracked and no stress marks anywhere on the trailer. The Prime figure is in beautiful condition and his smoke stacks are very nice and shiny. The toy looks like it was barely even played with. I am asking $195 shipped for him as it is by far the nicest one I have ever seen. I'll entertain offers too so if you don't like my price just shoot me an offer. The box is also in very nice shape. I grade it a solid C-8.5. It does have the common flap crease and a small tear about the size of a dime on the top of the right flap. If not for the tear I'd call the box a C-9 even w/the flap crease. Anyways I really hope somebody can take this off my hands as it's the last of my G1 toys. I purchased this from the original owner back late last spring. I'll even throw in the extra brochures and hot rod instruction manual for free as well for whoever buys this. I never check this website as I mainly collect GI Joe toys from the 80's and comic books. So if you are interested please email me at goodkidcomix@yahoo.com. I do have plenty of feedback on yojoe.com and hisstank.com forums under the name SnakeEater. Also check my feedback on yojoe.com under my actual name Aaron Curry. I also have over 1300 positive feedback on ebay under the user name mdivb10. Thanks and lets roll for it!!!!


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