G1 MISB & some graded stuff for sale

Discussion in 'Transformers On Ebay' started by Combaticon4Life, Oct 14, 2008.

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    What's up Tformer fans?

    Got a bunch of G1 MISB, MOSC, AFA and CSG stuff on eBay now.

    I think the reserve prices are very reasonable, I'm willing to consider all reasonable offers on "Buy It Now's", I offer free shipping on multiple item purchases, and yes, I do ship internationally.

    Here's what I currently have for sale (all G1, mostly Takara):

    - AFA graded complete set of Takara Terrorcons
    - Browning D-308 MISB
    - Autobot/Decepticon Cassettes MOSC
    - Scattershot Takara MISB CSG
    - Optimus Prime Spanish/Classics Re-Issue MISB CSG
    - Prowl and Bluestreak Hasbro pre-rub MISB CSG
    - Starscream Ghost Ehobby MISB
    - AFA graded Combaticons
    - Octane MISB
    - Wreck-gar MISB
    - Rollbar MISB CSG
    - Inferno MISB CSG

    Let me know if anything interests you. I might give you a good deal!

    eBay Store - Vector Sigma Store: G1 CSG, G1 MISB MOSC, G1 AFA

    (see my store pages for more info on me)



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