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    Hey guys, didn't realize Ebay won't allow this to be auctioned so sorry to my bidders out there. Anyway, I have a G1 Menasor gift set - 100% complete with stickers and paperwork. Stickers have not been applied. The box, paperwork, stickers, and all figures and accessories are in absolute perfect condition.

    Note: This is not a hasbro/takara figure set. It is however a high-end and excellent quality set.

    I bought this brand new with the intensions of customizing it, but then decided not to after I and a fellow customizer have started an altogether different and much larger custom built Menasor collaboration (coming soon...). I simply cut the sealed tape to open it and examined everything. That's it so the box is also perfect just like everything else.

    I am asking $65 shipped anywhere in the USA.

    - Paypal only please. Fee % included in the $65 shipped price.
    - PM me if interested, please don't post here.


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