G1 Jetfire Complete Matsu-Bandai version

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    For sale is a complete G1 Jetfire. Item has stickers applied but also includes a partial sticker sheet that has many unused stickers on it. Figure has tight joints, great color and is in excellent condtion. check out the photos and you can see the condition this thing is in. Now more about the figure:
    This is a variant of the original G1 figure called the Matsu-Bandai variant. It represents a transitional stage between the Matsushiro version and the later Bandai versions. The main difference is a paint line that extends across the canopy. Canopy is also more clear than smokey. Unlike the Matsushiro version this Matsu-Bandai version has no wing decals. Great piece of history to add to your collection.
    $150 shipped in USA.

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