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    Ok -

    So I have a VERY long list of vintage Transformers Instructions from G1, Headmasters, Japan, etc. that I have scanned in high resolution into my database. I will be offering them up for sale to help out those that want instructions they dont have.

    There are two options -

    1 - I will send you the files as high res jpegs for you to do as you like.
    $5 to $30 (Rarity and Size)

    2 - I will have them printed out for you on high quality paper and then sent.
    $10 to $100 (Rarity and Size)

    Obviously if you go with Option 1, the price will be lower than Option 2. Just so you know these all will be single sided. I know some vintage ones were double sided but when I scanned them in, I made every one single sided.

    I will have a full list up eventually but for now PM me with which ones you want and Ill get back to you.

    Payment must be sent via Paypal.

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