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    Before I start ...
    All participation is welcomed. If I missed anything please let me know. These differences are ones I found just by combing over the pictures.

    This "guide" (if you can even call it that) is a work in progress based off of the only clear repro'ed image we have.

    Credit to Duocons and the folks at thetoyvalley.com for the repro'ed Hubcap image.

    Keep all ethical "knockoff" discussion out of this thread. This is for educational purposes only. NO DEBATES PLEASE.

    I attempted to rank these in order of importance. Position 1 is the "dead giveaway". If you see this, you know it's not legit.

    There are some color differences, but those have to be ignored. Many variables with originals (fading, picture lighting, etc) make color matching against repro's inconclusive.

    Again, the purpose to this is to educate eBayers. There are AWFUL sellers out there who claim these pieces as being real.

    1. dead center hole punch
    The originals compensated for the off-centered card weight by moving the hole punch. This way, the toy would hang straight. The reproduction has a punch right down the center. Hang this, and the right side will flop.

    2. image layering issues
    As you can see, Hubcap's foot is actually ontop of the car graphic.

    3. the bubble issues
    The placement of the bubble is the first issue. All originals had the bubble glued on the card's corner. The bubble's material is the second issue. The part which adheres to the card is actually textured, not a flat finish.

    4. sEvEre fOnt iSSues
    Not much to say here, but it's odd to see bold letter mixed with normal ones.

    5. assortment information, missing

    As you can see, there's some missing text.

    6. preview image = new?
    The angle / lighting of the car's preview image seems completely off. When compared to the original, it looks like the picture was redone.

    7 general image placement issues
    There are many issues with the image placement on the grid. The easiest to spot are highlighted above.

    8. print alignment
    A random original sample gave a dead center print. A random reproduction sample gave an off-center print.
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    What are the actual opened toy differences between the KO and original?

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